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Department of Archaeology

Thursday, 21 February, 2019 - 13:00
Event speaker: 
Group discussion

Discussion chaired by Jan Sienkiewicz.

Readings have been selected to give a single case study through which to examine deveopments across decades, their significance and implications. There is no requirement to read all or any of these in order to participate in the discussion; just turn up and we shall see where the conversation leads.

Suggested readings:

HALSTEAD, P. 1981 'From Determinism to Uncertainty: Social Storage and the Rise of the Minoan Palace' in A. Sheridan and G. Bailey (eds) Economic Archaeology: Towards an Integration of Ecological and Social Approaches. BAR International Series 96. Oxford: BAR, 187-213

MANNING, S. 1994 'The Emergence of Divergence: Development and Decline on Bronze Age Crete and the Cyclades' in C. Mathers and S. Stoddart (eds) Development and Decline in the Mediterranean Bronze Age. Sheffield Archaeological Monographs 8. Sheffield: J. R. Collins Publications, 221-270

WHITELAW, T. 2004 'Alternative Pathways to Complexity in the Southern Aegean' in J. Barrett and P. Halstead (eds) The Emergence of Civilisation Revisited. Oxford: Oxbow Books, 232-256

LEGARRA HERRERO, B. 2016 'Primary State Formation Porcesses on Bronze Age Crete: A Social Approach to Change in Early Complex Societies', Cambridge Archaeological Journal 26.2, 349-367

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South Lecture Room, Department of Archaeology
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