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I am an archaeologist with a background in osteology, currently researching for my PhD in Biological Anthropology. 

I gained my BA in Ancient History and Archaeology from the University of Manchester, and an MSc in Skeletal and Dental Bioarchaeology from University College London. During my undergraduate I developed an interest in prehistory, furthering this in my MSc I pursued topics in human evolution, in particular evolutionary morphology. For my dissertation I investigated hominin classification through tooth measurements. 

Following this I worked professionally as a commercial field archaeologist, later moving into post-excavation. During this time, I set up a laboratory for skeletal analysis and reports. I have been fortunate to excavate at significant British burial sites such as the Ardnamurchan Viking Boat Burial and the Iron Age cemetery at Pocklington. I am particularly interested in issues surrounding the display of human remains and public engagement, which I have pursued in the Museum sector and fieldwork outreach. 


My research investigates red ochre use in prehistory, moving from its emergence and relationship with evolutionary cognition to later burial practice. My use of colourmetrics and ochre modification experiments have allowed me to consider the cognitive behaviours associated with pigment use and manipulation in early prehistory. 


Following on from this I have been investigating the broad patterns in methods of ochre use, which developed into burial practices. Looking more specifically at the changing use of ochre in later prehistoric burials in Southeast Asia. In late 2018 I spent time in Thailand analysing human remains stained with red ochre, from the Neolithic site of Khok Phanom Di. The site demonstrates ochre use in their burial practices for ~500 years. Mapping this on the individual skeletons allows me to track changes in their behaviour in association with factors such as age, sex, and associated material culture. 


Other publications: 

Professional skeletal reports:

Paris, S., & Hunter, K (2015). Burton Fleming Osteological Analysis. Malton: MAP Archaeological Practice Ltd.

Paris, S., Burn, Z., Wells, O., & Ferrero, L. (2015). 27 Wood Street Osteological Analysis. Malton: MAP Archaeological Practice Ltd.

Teaching and Supervisions


I have been involved in teaching for the following courses:

Part 1A Geographical Skills and Methods

Part 1B Biogeography

Introduction to Human Anatomy, Sutton Trust Summer School for Archaeology and Biological Anthropology;

Introduction to Archaeology, Kaleidoscope Outreach

Research supervision: 

Professor Robert Foley

Job Titles

PhD Student in Biological Anthropology

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Not available for consultancy
Research Expertise / Fields of study: 
Cultural Evolution

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2.10 Henry Wellcome Building
Fitzwilliam Street
St Catharine's College


Person keywords: 
Burial Practices
Experimental Archaeology
Biological Anthropology
Geographical areas: 
Southeast Asia
Periods of interest: 
Other Prehistory