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Dr Margarita Gleba

Dr Margarita  Gleba

ERC Principal Research Associate, PI of PROCON project

Fellow of the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research

Research Associate, Magdalene College

Margarita Gleba is available for consultancy.

McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
Downing Street
Room 1.7

Cambridge CB2 3ER
Office Phone: 01223339293


I received my Ph.D. in Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology from Bryn Mawr College (USA). I have worked on excavations in Italy, Turkey and Ukraine. My special area of study is the archaeology of textile production, including investigation of textiles, textile tools, as well as relevant written, iconographic and other sources. For four years I was research programme manager of the Textile and Costume project at the Centre for Textile Research at the University of Copenhagen, Denmark. This was followed by a 2 year Marie Curie Research Fellowship at the Institute of Archaeology, University College London, UK, where I worked on a project FIBRE, which investigated the development and use of textile fibres in Italy from prehistory until the Roman period. Currently, I am principal investigator of a 5 year project funded by the European Research Council Starting Grant, entitled "Production and Consumption of Textiles in the mediterranean from 1000 to 500 BCE". 

Research Interests

Archaeological textiles and technological, economic and social aspects of textile production in antiquity
The use of natural science methods in archaeology
Early Iron Age and the Orientalising period in the Mediterranean, connections with the Near East
Archaeology of Etruscan and pre-Roman Italy
Archaeology of Northern Black Sea area and Scythian culture


Throughout my career I have taught in BA and MA level courses on Etruscology, Greek and Roman Mythology, Greek and Roman Religion, Experimental Archaeology, History of Costume, Archaeological Theory and European prehistory. I currently offer an MA module Textile Archaeology at UCL: 

Other Professional Activities

From 2008 to 2014 I was a corresponding editor of the Archaeological Textiles Review:

I am currently a peer reviewer for Journal of Mediterranean Archaeology, American Journal of Archaeology, The British Museum Technical Research Bulletin, Journal of Archaeological Science, Archaeometry


  • Urbanism
  • Italy
  • Archaeology
  • Etruria

Key Publications


2008    M. Gleba, Textile Production in Pre-Roman Italy, Ancient Textile Series 4, Oxford, Oxbow Books


Edited Volumes

2013  M. Gleba and J. Pasztokai-Szeöke, Making Textiles in Pre-Roman and Roman Times: People, Places, Identities, Ancient Textiles Series 13, Oxford, Oxbow Books

2012    M. Gleba and U. Mannering (eds.), Textiles and Textile Production in Europe from Prehistory to AD 400, Ancient Textiles Series 11, Oxford, Oxbow Books

2011    M. Gleba and H. W. Horsnaes, Communicating Identity in Iron Age Italic Communities, Oxford, Oxbow Books

2010    E. Andersson Strand, M. Gleba, U. Mannering, C. Munkholt and M. Ringgaard (eds.), North European Symposium for Archaeological Textiles X, Ancient Textile Series 5, Oxford, Oxbow Books

2009    M. Gleba and H. S. Becker (eds.), Votives, Places and Rituals in Etruscan Religion. Studies in Honour of Jean MacIntosh Turfa, Religions in the Graeco-Roman World 166, Leiden, Brill

2008    M. Gleba, C. Munkholt and M.-L. Nosch (eds.), Dressing the past: costume through 21st century eyes, Ancient Textile Series 3, Oxford, Oxbow Books

Other Publications

Most of my articles can be found at: