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My PhD investigated social and economic change during the Neolithic and Copper Age in the central Mediterranean by examining skeletal indicators of habitual behavior and nutritional status. I am currently a postodcotral fellow at CRASSH, the British School at Rome and the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, and a Research Associate at St. John's College.


  • MSc Human Osteology & Funerary Archaeology, University of Sheffield (2013-2014)
  • Erasmus Scholar, University of Malta (2011-2012).
  • BA Archaeology, Queen’s University Belfast (2010-2013).


  • Osteoarchaeology
  • Mediterranean prehistory
  • Bioarchaeology
  • Radiocarbon chronology

My research interests include bioarchaeology, post-cranial functional anatomy, biomechanics, developing approaches to the study of commingled human remains and the later prehistory of Europe, specifically the central Mediterranean.


Key publications: 

Edited Volumes:

Parkinson, E.W. & Talbot, L. (2017) ‘In sickness and in health: Interdisciplinary approaches to the study of disease and deformity in past populations’, Archaeological Review from Cambridge 32 (1), p. 140.

Journal/Monograph contributions:

Malone, C., McLaughlin, R., Mercieca-Spiteri, B., Parkinson, E., Power, R., Stock, J., Stoddart, S. & Thompson, J. (2018) ‘The social implications of death in prehistoric Malta’, In Schmitt, A., Déderix, S., Driessen, J. & Crevecoeur, I. (eds.), Gathered in death. (Aegis Archéologie du Monde Minoen). Louvain-la-Neuve: Presses Universitaires de Louvain, pp. 128-142.

Parkinson, E.W., Stoddart, S., Stock, J., Miari, M., Bertoldi, F. & Bestetti, F.  (2018) ‘Mobility in Copper Age northern Italy: Biomechanical analysis of the femora and tibiae from the Copper Age necropolis of Forlì-Celletta’, PAST, 89, pp. 2-5.

Parkinson, E.W. & Murphy, E. (2017) ‘Memorialisation, settlement and identity in post-Plantation Ulster: Ardess Old Graveyard, Co. Fermanagh’, Familia, 33, pp. 103-147.

Parkinson, E.W. (2017) ‘Dead to the world, but alive unto God: Bodily corruption, visual culture and social perceptions of leprosy in medieval Europe’, Archaeological Review from Cambridge 32 (1), pp. 72-90.

Parkinson, E.W. & Talbot, L. (2017) ‘Introduction: Interdisciplinary approaches to the study of disease and deformity in past populations’, Archaeological Review from Cambridge 32 (1), pp. 1-5.

Parkinson, E.W. (2016) ‘The Archaeology of Malta: From the Neolithic through the Roman Period by Claudia Sagona, 2015’, European Journal of Archaeology, 19 (2), pp. 364-368.

In press/accepted publications:

Parkinson, E.W., McLaughlin, T.R., Brogan, C., Stoddart, S. & Malone, C. (In press, 2019/2020) ‘Story structures and sustainability in Late Neolithic Malta; Excavations at the Santa Verna megalithic site, Gozo’ In Sørensen, L., Gebauer, A. B., Teather, A. & A. C. Valera (Eds.), Monumentalizing Life in Neolithic Europe: Narratives of Continuity and Change, Oxford: Oxbow.

Barratt, R. P., Malone, C., McLaughlin, T. R., & Parkinson, E.W.  (In press, 2020) ‘Hypogea and the Clubhouse: Neolithic Malta's houses of the living and houses of the dead’, In Barclay, A., Leary, J., & Field, D. (eds) Houses of the Dead. Oxford: Oxbow (Neolithic Studies Group Seminar Papers).

McLaughlin, T.R., Parkinson, E.W., Stoddart, S., Malone, C. (In press, 2019/2020) ‘Santa Verna 1911-2015: Re-examining pioneering stratigraphic excavation methods in Malta’, In Guidi, A. & Tarantini, M., Proceedings of the XVIIIth UISSP Conference Series.

I am also involved in the production of two monographs (McDonald Institute Monographs) related to output of the FRAGSUS ERC Project.

Teaching and Supervisions



A4: Being Human (2019-2020 academic year)

Research supervision: 



In addition to the above I have worked with a range of institutions and heritage bodies from Malta, Italy, Croatia, Ireland and the UK.

Job Titles

CRASSH/British School at Rome Fellow 2019-20
PhD Student in Archaeology

General Info

Not available for consultancy
Research Expertise / Fields of study: 
Socio-Politics of the Past
Human Evolution
Built Environment


Person keywords: 
Skeletal robusticity
Biomechanics and behaviour
Mediterranean archaeology
Skeletal biology
Phenotypic plasticity
Biological Anthropology
Material Culture
Human Evolutionary Studies
Rethinking Complexity
Geographical areas: 
Periods of interest: 
Copper/Bronze Age