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Department of Archaeology



I have graduated in Communications major and Art Theory minor (BA and MA), as well as, Medieval Archaeology major and Archaeological Science minor (BA) from the Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest.  I finished MA in General History at the Charles University in Prague and M2 in Territory, Space and Society at the École des hautes études en sciences sociales in Paris. During my MPhil in Archaeological Heritage and Museums at the Univesity of Cambridge I was working on the topic of the uses of medieval excavation sites in Hungarian nation-building.  At present I am an ESRC DTP PhD Student in Heritage Studies.



  • Heritage and memory of war, conflict and terrorism
  • Nationalist uses of archaeology
  • Medieval archaeology of the Carpathian Basin
  • Methodological questions of mixed method research: the intersections between qualitative and quantitative research

My doctoral research focuses on the impact which the WW1 war memory had on the nationalist narratives in the former Western and Eastern blocs. My work compares France, Hungary and the United Kingdom from the interwar period until the Centenary of the First World War.

As a research assistant I am presently involved in several research projects of members of the Heritage Research Group, while I help establishing the Cambridge Heritage Research Centre.



  • Heritage, memory, identity
  • Nationalism Studies
  • Archaeological Theory
  • Methodology of social research



Key publications: 

Kocsis, A. 2015 Constructing a National Symbol? Sword of God. In: Identity, Nation, City: Perspectives from the TEMA network. Eds: Imre Tarafás – Jaroslav Ira – Jan de Jong. Budapest, 2015. pp. 117-136.


Other publications: 

Kocsis, A. 2016 The Problems of the Romanesque Period of the St. Emericus Church of Egyházasdengeleg. In: The congress volume of the 6th Congress of the Young Medieval Archaeologists. Eds: Szőllősy Csilla – Pokrovenszki Krisztián. zékesfehérvár, pp. 223-239.  (Hungarian) 

Kocsis, A. 2015 The Problems of the St. Emericus Church. In: From West to East. Current Approaches to Medieval Archaeology. Ed: Scott D. Stull. Newcastle upon Tyne, UK: Cambridge Scholars, pp. 138-146.


Teaching and Supervisions


I supervise paper A10 Archaeological Theory I, A12 Archaeological Theory II and A4 Being Human: Interdisciplinary Perspectives at the University of Cambridge. I prepared and teach Heritagisation of Space in the Present and the Past with Dr Lila Janik, as a part of G24 Special Topics in Heritage Studies.

Research supervision: 

Supervised by:

Dr Lila Janik


Other Professional Activities

I am the Research Centre Assistant at the Cambridge Heritage Research Centre. 
I co-edit the Cambridge Heritage Research Centre bulletin.


Job Titles

PhD student in Archaeology (Heritage Studies)
Research Centre Assistant (Cambridge Heritage Research Centre)

General Info

Not available for consultancy

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Heritage Laboratory
Floor 4, West Building
Department of Archaeology