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Adam S. Green is an anthropological archaeologist who specializes in the comparative study of ancient economics, landscapes and urban societies. His focus is South Asia, and he has worked extensively in northwest India. He has also worked in Turkey and the United States. He earned his PhD in Anthropology from New York University in 2015. 



  • Archaeology of Inequality
  • Ancient Economics
  • Urbanism, landscapes and technology
  • Archaeology of South Asia

My research focuses on the comparative study of inequality and environmental sustainability in ancient urban societies, and my geographical focus is  South Asia. I employ a diverse range of fieldwork and lab-based approaches to address research questions at multiple scales, including especially spatial analysis and GIS, 3D modelling ad microscopy, and other digital field techniques techniques. I also employ computer games to undertake heritage-based initiatives.. These tools help integrate existing data with the results of new archaeological fieldwork. I am currently engaged in continuing archaeological fieldwork in Northwest India.

I am a member of the TwoRains Project (2015-2020), and am currently working on the TIGR2ESS Project (2018-2021).



Key publications: 


[1] Green, Adam S. (2020). Killing the Priest-King: Addressing Egalitarianism in the Indus Civilization. Journal of Archaeological Research.
[2] Orengo, Hector A., F. C. Conesa, A. Garcia-Molsosa, A. Lobo, A. S. Green, M. Madella and C. A. Petrie. (2020). Automated detection of archaeological mounds using machine-learning classification of multisensor and multitemporal satellite data. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America. 117(31) 18240-18250.
[3] Green, Adam S. (2020). Debt and Inequality: Comparing the “means of specification” in the early cities of Mesopotamia and the Indus civilization. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology.
[4] Green, Adam S., H.A. Orengo, A. Alam, A. Garcia-Molsosa, L.M. Green, F. Conesa, A. Ranjan, R.N. Singh, and C.A. Petrie. (2019) Re-discovering Dynamic Ancient Landscapes: Archaeological Survey of Features from Historical Maps in Northwest India and their Implications for the Large-scale Distribution of Cultural Heritage Sites throughout South Asia. Remote Sensing. 11(2089)
[5] Green, Adam S., S. Dixit, K. K. Garg, Sandya NR, G. Singh, K. Vatta, A. Whitbread, M.K. Jones, R.N. Singh and C. A. Petrie. (2020). An interdisciplinary framework for using archaeology, history and collective action to enhance India’s agricultural resilience and sustainability. Environmental Research Letters.
[6] Green, Adam S. (2018). Mohenjo-daro’s Small Public Structures: Heterarchy, Collective Action, and a Re-visitation of Old Interpretations with GIS and 3D Modelling. Cambridge Archaeological Journal. 28 (2): 205-223.

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Research Associate, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research

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Not available for consultancy

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McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Office 3.2
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