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Adam S. Green is an anthropological archaeologist who specializes in the comparative study of early states through the lenses of technology, environment, and political economy. His focus is South Asia, and he has worked extensively in India, Turkey and the United States. He earned his PhD in Anthropology from New York University in 2015. 



  • Archaeology of South Asia
  • Analysis of landscapes and technology

My research focuses on the emergence and transformation of cities and states, particularly in the early archaeological record of South Asia. I employ data-driven digital approaches to address research questions at multiple scales. To examine transformations in technology, I have used high resolution 3D microscopy and experimental replication to reconstruct chaînes opératoire used in the production of Indus stamp seals. I also develop geographical information systems (GIS), databases, and other digital archaeology tools to answer new questions with existing and legacy datasets. These tools help integrate existing data with the results of new archaeological fieldwork. I am currently engaged in continuing archaeological fieldwork in Northwest India.


I am currently working on the TwoRains Project (2015-2020)



Key publications: 


[1] Green, Adam S. and Cameron A. Petrie. (Forthcoming) “Landscapes of Urbanisation and De-urbanisation: Integrating Site Location Datasets from Northwest India to Investigate Changes in the Indus Civilisation’s Settlement Density.” Journal of Field Archaeology.
[2] Green, Adam S. (Forthcoming) “Operational Sequences and Stamp Seals: A New Approach to Identifying Groups of Seal Carvers in the Indus Civilization.” In Seals and Sealing in the Ancient World: New Approaches to Glyptic Studies. Edited by M. Ameri, S. Costello, G. Jamison, and S. Scott. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
[3] Green, Adam S. 2018 “Mohenjo-daro’s Small Public Structures: Heterarchy, Collective Action, and a Re-visitation of Old Interpretations with GIS and 3D Modelling.” Cambridge Archaeological Journal. 28 (2): 205-223 doi:10.1017/S0959774317000774.
[4] Green, Adam S. 2016 “Finding Harappan Seal Carvers: An Operational Sequence Approach to Identifying People in the Past.” Journal of Archaeological Science. 72:128-141. doi:10.1016/j.jas.2016.06.008.
[5] Green, Adam S. 2015. “Humans and their Households: Ideals of Self-Sufficiency in Changing Economies.” Review of Oikos and Market by S. Gudeman and C. Hann (2015). Anthropology News. Open Access Book Reviews. ISSN 2380-7725
[6] Green, Adam S. 2010.“Reconstructing Operational Sequences: A New Methodology for the Study of Seal Carving in the Indus Civilization.” Man and Environment XXXV(2): 15-34.  

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Research Associate, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research

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