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A celebration of Eighty Years for Prof. Anthony Snodgrass

Anthony Snodgrass created one of the most influential schools of Mediterranean Archaeology. The impact of his work is not only seen in his publications.  It is a measure of his standing as a scholar and supervisor that his former research students hold senior positions in institutions across the United Kingdom, the United States, Greece and Australia.

The pupils and colleagues of Anthony propose a non-residential conference to celebrate his eighty years. This will take place in the Magdalene College, Cripps conference centre between the 7th and 9th November 2014.

John Bintliff (Leiden/Edinburgh), one of his closest colleagues in fieldwork,  has brought together a group of colleagues who worked with him: Paul Cartledge (Cambridge), Bruno D’Agostino (Naples),  John Cherry (Brown),  Francois de Polignac  (Paris),  Oliver Dickinson (Durham), Jas Elsner (Oxford), Sylvian Fachard (Genève), Jose Gonzalez (Duke),  Tonio Hölscher (Heidelberg), Henry Hurst (Cambridge),   Ernst Kunzl, Gregory Nagy (Harvard), Torsten Meissner (Cambridge),   Keith Rutter (Edinburgh), Alain Schnapp (Paris), Annie Schnapp (Paris), Rolf Schneider (Munich),  Nigel Spivey (Cambridge), Michael Squire (Berlin), Vladimir Stissi (Amsterdam) and Sofia Voutsaki (Groningen).

Lisa Nevett (Ann Arbor) and James Whitley (Cardiff) have invited his former doctoral students: Sue Alcock (Brown), Hugh Bowden (London), Giovanna Cesarini (Stanford), Alexandra Coucouzeli (Cambridge), Tom Gallant (San Diego), Michael Given (Glasgow), Jonathan Hall (Chicago), Paul Halstead (Sheffield), Sturt Manning (Cornell),  Ian Morris (Stanford), Robin Osborne (Cambridge), Sara Owen (Cambridge), Gillian Shepherd (La Trobe),  David Small (Lehigh) and Jeremy Tanner (London).

A full programme will shortly be available here:

The location of the conference is here:

Friends and colleagues are warmly invited to join the celebration by completing the attached form and sending to Dr. Simon Stoddart ( by 31 October 2014.  Please register to ensure your place.

The organisers are grateful to the McDonald Institute, the Faculty of Classics and Magdalene College for support of this event within a short distance of Anthony's Cambridge home.

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