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Growing up in Cyprus, the deep history and archaeology of the island created a huge impact in my experiences as a kid and a young adult. After finishing my bachelor’s degree on Archaeology and History of Art in the Aristotle University, Greece, I moved in Cambridge for an MPhil. My dissertation focused on the deathways of a community in Prehistoric Bronze Age Cyprus for addressing questions on elites and communal politics.  Moreover, throughout my years of studying, I have participated in numerous archaeological projects, both excavations and surveys, in Greece and Cyprus.  as well as a number of workshops related to ceramics, ceramic technology and petrography.  


My interests are focused on the dynamics of non-urban societies and the processes of identity negotiation through material culture and practices.  Geographically oriented towards the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean, I am particularly interested in Prehistoric Cyprus, micro-, meso- and macro- scales of interactions through different types of material culture and the perception of self and the other. Other interests include, ceramics and ceramic technology, ethnoarchaeology, experimental archaeology, island archaeology and field archaeology. For my PhD, I am currently working on a framework that integrates different scales of interactions in the non-urban society/societies of Prehistoric Bronze Age Cyprus which aims to provide a more holistic image of the social dynamics in one of the large islands of the Mediterranean.

Teaching and Supervisions

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Supervisors: Prof. Cyprian Broodbank

Advisors: Dr. Anastasia Christophylopoulou

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PhD Student in Archaeology

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Not available for consultancy
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Material Culture
Archaeological Theory

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Non-urban society
Cypriot Prehistory
Mediterranean Archaeology
Identity negotiation
Material Culture
Rethinking Complexity
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Copper/Bronze Age