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I graduated in Environmental Sciences (2015) with a strong interest in soil sciences and agriculture, which led me to complete an MSc in Agricultural Chemistry (2016) at the Autonomous University of Madrid. After moving to the UK, I decided to specialise in digital agriculture with an MSc in GIS and Environmental Management (2019), provided by the University of Brighton.

My experience has been developed abroad to help adopt sustainable practices concerning environmental and agricultural matters both in the UK and India. Professionally focused on data science and rural development, and committed to promoting food security as well as resilience in local communities.

At the University of Cambridge, I am working on the TIGR2ESS project which combines archaeological approaches with insights from agronomy to support sustainable farming systems in South Asia.


At the University of Cambridge, my contribution focuses on undertaking research through technical and data management tasks using GIS and Remote Sensing techniques to identify archaeological sites.

My main research interest lies in the exploration of agricultural transitions to understand how Indus Civilization developed in a fluctuating climate.

My area of interest includes the following topics:

  • Sustainable agriculture
  • Water management
  • Rural heritage
  • Data management
  • Geospatial analysis

Job Titles

Research Assistant, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research

General Info

Not available for consultancy

Contact Details

ms2869 [at]
McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research


Person keywords: 
Remote Sensing
Science, Technology and Innovation
Geographical areas: 
South Asia