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Department of Archaeology



My research investigates methods for the measurement and description of change over time in cultural systems, especially with regard to traditionally non-quantifiable material. This can be accomplished through modelling of the variants themselves, as in my PhD work exploring change in motif frequencies on figure-painted Attic pottery, or by comparing a behaviour with a demographic proxy, as in my recent work on the Neomine project.  


  • Cultural Evolution 
  • Radiocarbon dates 
  • Spatial analysis 
  • Prehistoric demography 
  • Computational approaches to archaeology 


Key publications: 
  • Schauer, P., S. Shennan, A. Bevan, S. Colledge, K. Edinborough, T. Kerig, M. Parker Pearson. 2020. Competition between stone and copper production in Europe 5000-2000 BCE. (In review). 
  • Schauer, P., A. Bevan, S. Shennan, K. Edinborough, R. Fyfe, T. Kerig, M. Parker Pearson 2019. British Neolithic axe distributions and their implications. Journal of Archaeological Theory and Method. 
  • Schauer, P., S. Shennan, A. Bevan, G. Cook, K. Edinborough, R. Fyfe, T. Kerig, M. Parker Pearson 2019. Supply and demand in prehistory? Economics of Neolithic mining in northwest Europe. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 54, 149–160. 
  • Shennan, S., A. Bevan, K. Edinborough, T. Kerig, M. Parker Pearson and P. Schauer 2017. Supply and Demand in Prehistory? Economics of Neolithic Mining in NW Europe (NEOMINE). Archaeology International 20, 74–79. 
  • Edinborough, K., S. Shennan, A. Teather, J. Baczkowski, A. Bevan, R. Bradley, G. Cook, T. Kerig, M. Parker Pearson, A. Pope, P. Schauer. Accepted. New radiocarbon dates show Early Neolithic date of flint-mining and stone quarrying in Britain. Radiocarbon. 

Book chapters: 

  • Schauer, P. 2011. Quantifying the importance of motifs on Attic figure-painted pottery. In Creating Consilience, eds. E. Slingerland and M. Collard, pp 194-204. Oxford: Oxford University Press. 
  • Sommer, V., Schauer, P. and Kyriazis, D. 2006. A wild mixture of motivations: same-sex mounting in Indian langur monkeys. In Homosexual Behaviour in Animals, eds. V. Sommer and P. Vassey, pp 238-272. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press 

Popular article: 

  • Schauer, P., and T. Kerig 2018. Viele Steine und Big Data: Wirtschaftsarchäologie 2.0. Archäologie in Deutschland 06 2018, 36-39. 

Teaching and Supervisions


A11/B5 From Data to Interpretation 

Other Professional Activities

Peer reviewer for Journal of Archaeological Science, PLOS ONE and Journal of Anthropological Archaeology. 

Job Titles

Senior Teaching Associate in Quantitative Methods in Archaeology and Biological Anthropology

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Not available for consultancy
Research Expertise / Fields of study: 
Art and Iconography
Computational and Quantitative Archaeology
Cultural Evolution

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Person keywords: 
Cultural Evolution; Spatial Analysis; Prehistoric Demography; Radiocarbon; Computational Archaeology
Science, Technology and Innovation
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Periods of interest: 
Copper/Bronze Age