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My multidisciplinary background combines degrees in Physics (BSc, Universitat de Barcelona) and Chemistry/Materials Science (MSc, PhD in Physical Chemistry, Universitat de Barcelona) with a long track record of working in archaeometallurgy, archaeological science, historical technology and functional analysis. After finishing my PhD at the Institute of Materials Science of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC) I moved to Madrid to study historical metals at the National Centre for Metallurgical Research (CENIM-CSIC) and at the History Institute (IH/CCHS-CSIC), where I combined laboratory work with field experience. I specialized in iron technology, but over the years I worked with all kind of metals from the Iberian Peninsula, Europe, the Mediterranean and Asia, chronologically ranging from prehistory to Modern Era, ultimately driven by a deep interest in the study of ancient technology, its associated technological knowledge and their role in shaping the human mind and, through it, the world.

For some time I ran my own business on research consulting and analysis of archaeological and historical metals, and over the past years I have participated in the H2020 project PARTHENOS on management of digital data in Humanities. I am currently a MSCA Fellow at the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research.


My research focuses in the study of historical metals technology, processes and functionality, and their role in shaping humans’ interactions with their environment. I worked with copper alloys, lead, gold and silver, but specialized in the technology of iron, particularly in its applications to weaponry and conflict, with special attention to contributions from the field of functional analysis of historical weapons. My research covered different geographical areas but focused in the Iberian Peninsula, spanning a wide chronological range from Prehistory to the end of the Modern Era. The analytical techniques I focused on are Metallography, XRF, SEM-EDS, PIXE and, lately, ToF-ND.

I work frequently in Cultural Heritage, especially in the area of weaponry, and have a keen interest in Heritage Science, Open Science, Open Data and the management of Digital Data in Humanities.

My current project deals with the characterization and study of pre-Roman Iron Technology in the Iberian Peninsula (IBERIRON, GA 797785, 2018-2020)


Key publications: 

Journal Articles

Ÿ“A Comprised Archaeological History of Taiwan through the Long-Term Record of Heping Dao, Keelung” María Cruz Berrocal, Elena Serrano Herrero, Marc Gener Moret, Antonio Uriarte González, Mar Torra Pérez, Susana Consuegra Rodríguez, Alexandre Chevalier, Frederique Valentin, Cheng-hwa Tsang, International Journal of Historical Archaeology (2018).

“Estudio metalúrgico de las armas ibéricas halladas en el valle de Jutia (Nerpio-Yeste, Albacete). Trabajo, armamento, ritual y comunidades de montaña” [“Metallurgical Study of the Iberian Weapons found in the Jutia Valley (Nerpio-Yeste, Albacete, Spain). Work, weaponry, rituals and mountain communities”], Marc Gener Moret, Damián Romero Perona, Susana González Reyero, Jorge García Cardiel, GLADIUS (2016), 36, pp. 7-31

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Book Chapters:

"Compositional XRF Analyses of Islamic Metallic Objects from the Museo Arqueológico Nacional (MAN) in Madrid”, Marc Gener and Ignacio Montero-Ruiz, in Contadini, Anna (Ed.) “The Pisa Griffin and the Mari-Cha Lion. Art and Technology in the Medieval Mediterranean”, Pisa: Pacini Editore. In press

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“Lead and Silver Metallurgy in Emporion (L’Escala, Girona, Spain)”, Ignacio Montero-Ruiz, Pere Castanyer, Marc Gener, Mark Hunt, José María Mata, Enriqueta Pons, Salvador Rovira-Llorens, Carmen Rovira-Hortalá, Martina Renzi, Marta Santos-Retolaza, Jose Francisco Santos-Zalduegui, in “2nd International Conference Archaeometallurgy in Europe 2007. Selected papers”, Associazione Italiana di Metallurgia (2009), p. 423-434. ISBN 88-85298-71-0.


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Marie Skłodowska-Curie European Fellow, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research

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