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Department of Archaeology



I conduct research on human and nonhuman primate evolution. This research has used anthropological genetics and bioinformatics to, understand population history, phylogenetic history, and adaptive evolution in these taxa. I am currently engaged in field projects focussing on the people of Madagascar, Bornean primates including orangutans, and sexual behaviour in rhesus macaques. 


Biological anthropology of the people of Madagascar, Africa, and the Middle East, recent adaptive evolution in humans, the roles of mate choice and culture in human evolution, and non-human primate behaviour and ecology.

I am presently involved in the following research projects in anthropological genetics:

  • 01-2012 – present: The roles of population history, local adaptation, and culture in the evolution of the people of Madagascar;
  • 01-2016 – present: The role of deforestation on orangutan and macaque distribution and feeding ecology;
  • 01-2016 – present: The evolution of non-reproductive sexual behaviour including homosexuality in rhesus macaques.

Teaching and Supervisions


I am involved in the teaching of B4 Human Comparative Biology.

Research supervision: 

I am interested in supervising students who wish to study for an MPhil in the following topics:

- Anthropological genetics

- Human and non-human primate mate choice

- Primate evolution

Job Titles

Teaching Associate in Biological Anthropology

General Info

Not available for consultancy
Research Expertise / Fields of study: 
Human Population Genetics
Human Population Biology and Health
Human Evolutionary and Behavioural Ecology

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Human behavioural ecology
Human population genetics
Human population biology and health
Evolutionary ecology
Primate evolution
Anthropological genetics
Human and non-human primate mate choice
Biological Anthropology
Human Evolutionary Studies
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