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Department of Archaeology



I am an archaeologist with diverse experience in geoarchaeology and landscape historical ecology in sub-Saharan Africa.

Following a BA (Hons) in Oriental Studies and postgraduate studies in geoarchaeology (MPhil & PhD, Cantab), I have held teaching and research posts in the UK, Spain, Italy, South Africa, and Denmark. I have conducted field research in Ethiopia, Tanzania, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Zambia, and Sardinia (Italy).

My main research interests are in landscape historical ecology, resource practices, and geoarchaeology of tropical environments. Before returning to Cambridge, I was Assistant Professor in Archaeology at UrbNet, Aarhus University.  

I am currently involved in field projects exploring: i) resource uses and ecosystem services at Great Zimbabwe; ii) resource landscapes of urban transition in Zanzibar; iii) Iron Age landscapes in SW Zambia.

As the A. G. Leventis Fellow in African Archaeology, I am developing new research on water security and urban landscapes in sub-Saharan Africa.


I am currently engaged in the following research and training projects:

  • From 2016: The long-term history of water and land management at Great Zimbabwe, with Innocent Pikirayi (Pretoria).
  • From 2017: Urban ecology and transitions in the Zanzibar archipelago with Stephanie Wynne-Jones (York), and in collaboration with UrbNet (Aarhus) [].
  • From 2015: Geoarchaeological survey and analyses on Iron Age settlement and landscapes in the Kafue River floodplain, SW Zambia, with Jeffrey Fleisher (Rice), Matthew Pawlowicz (Virginia Commonwealth University), and Katherine de Luna (Georgetown).

Key Publications

Other publications: 

Crumley, C. L., Murphy J. T., Hritz C., Isendahl C., Nijhuis S., Lucero L. J., Meunier J., Ostovar P., Reichel C., Scarborough V. L., Sulas F., Thuston T. L. (eds. J. T. Murphy & C. L. Crumley), 2022. If the Past Teaches, What Does the Future Learn? Ancient Urban Regions and the Durable Future. Delft: Delft University of Technology. Open access.

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Sulas F., ed. 2011. Africa’s fragile heritages. Special issue, African Archaeological Review 28/1, 97p.


Journal articles

Sulas F., M. S. Bagge, R. Enevold, L. Harrault, S. M. Kristiansen, T. Ljungberg, K. B. Milek, P. H. Mikkelsen, P. M. Jensen, V. Orfanou, W. A. Out, M. Portillo, S. M. Sindbæk 2022. Revealing the invisible dead: integrated bio-geoarchaeological profiling exposes human and animal remains in a seemingly ‘empty’ Viking-Age burial. Journal of Archaeological Science 141: 105589

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Book chapters

Sulas F., Orfanou V., Ljungberg T., Kristiansen S. M., 2021. Mapping the Invisible Traces. Soil micromorphology at Fregerslev II. In A. Pedersen and M. S. Bagge (eds.), Horse and Rider in the late Viking Age. Equestrian burial in perspective. Aarhus University Press, pp. 100‒112.

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Book reviews

Sulas, F. 2019. Review of: Reinventing Sustainability: How Archaeology Can Save the Planet by Erika Guttmann-Bond [Oxford & Philadelphia: Oxbow, 2019, 192pp.]. European Journal of Archaeology 22/4: 588–591.

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Published reports

Sulas F., C. Nicosia, S. Pesci, S. M. Kristiansen 2021. Soil micromorphology in medieval Odense: Analysis of the Guild House and the Old Road area (OBM 9776 II). Centrum. Forskningscenter for centralitet 10. Odense: Odense Bys Museer.

Kristiansen S.M., T. Ljungberg, F. Sulas 2021. Soil geochemistry in medieval Odense. Analysis of samples from the Guild House and the Old Road area (OBM 9776 II). Centrum. Forskningscenter for centralitet 11. Odense: Odense Bys Museer.

Sulas F., S. M. Kristiansen 2020. Soil micromorphology at the Viking-Age ring-fortress of Borgring, Denmark: Analysis of samples from the East, North and South gateways. Report from the Department of Geoscience, AU. Aarhus: Aarhus Universitet.

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Unpublished reports

Sulas F., Pikirayi I. 2018. Archaeological investigations and fieldschool at Chenga and surroundings, Great Zimbabwe, July 2018: Interim Report. Aarhus [for: National Monuments and Museums of Zimbabwe], 29p.

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Sulas F. 2010. Archaeological soil micromorphology at Ranaka, Botswana. Cambridge [for: University of Botswana, Botswana].

Other Professional Activities

Associate Editor, WIREs Water (Wiley Interdisciplinary Research Reviews)

Member, Scientific Steering Committee, IHOPE (Integrated History and Future of the People on Earth)

Fellow, Society of Antiquaries of London


Job Titles

Senior Research Associate, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research

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Environmental Archaeology, Geoarchaeology, and Landscape studies

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The McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research Downing Street
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Historical ecology
Environment, Landscapes and Settlement
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Iron Age
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