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I am currently holding the Renfrew Fellowship. My research seeks to investigate the circumstances and mechanisms that contributed to the beginning of glazed wares production in Central Asia and al-Andalus (ca. 9th to 13th centuries CE), using these examples as proxy to highlight the nature and processes of Islamisation. Previously, I was awarded with the Marie Skłodowska Curie Individual Fellowship, based at the University of Cyprus. I directed the project, GLAZE, which aimed at testing the suitability of using glaze technologies to examine the dynamics of cultural interactions in the medieval and post-medieval Mediterranean, with Cypriot glaze production during the 13th to 17th centuries as case study. I have also worked on different archaeological materials that cover broad geographic and temporal contexts, including Middle Islamic unglazed handmade pottery from the Levant, technical ceramics in Meroitic Sudan, early colonial indigenous pottery in the Caribbean, and Maya fine-ware ceramics in Central America.


I am interested in a wide range of topics that are related to ancient technologies, from the reconstruction of technical practices to their social dimension, specifically the processes and means through which technical knowledge and practices were transferred. I am also keen to contribute to developing an inter-disciplinary approach to study ancient technologies by combining methods of archaeological material sciences with anthropological theories, especially those on knowledge exchange and technological change. 


Key Publications

Key publications: 

Selected publications (*peer-reviewed)

*Barford, G., Lichtenburger, A., Peterson, A., Raja, R., Ting, C, accepted and forthcoming. Middle Islamic pottery from Jerash: new research on ceramic fabrics and the implications for production patterns of HMGP pottery in northern Jordan. Zeitschrift für Orientarchäologie.

*Ting, C., Vionis, A., Rehren, Th., Kassianidou, V., Cook, H., Barker, C., 2019. The beginning of glazed ware production in Cyprus and the Crusaders. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports.

*Ting, C., Lichtenberger, A., Raja, R, 2019. The technology and production of glazed ceramics from Middle Islamic Jerash, Jordan. Archaeometry, first online on the 27th June 2019.

*Ting, C., 2018. Continuity and change in fine-ware production in the eastern Maya lowlands during the Classic to Postclassic transition (AD800–1250). Archaeological and Anthropological Sciences 10, 1913-31.

*Ting, C., Ulloa Hung, J., Hofman, C., Degryse. P., 2018. Indigenous technologies and the production of early colonial ceramics in Dominican Republic. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 17, 47-57.

*Ting C., Humphris, J., 2017. The technology and craft organisation of Kushite technical ceramic production at Meroe and Hamadab, Sudan. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 16, 34-43.

*Ting, C., Neyt, B., Ulloa Hung, J., Hofman, C., Degryse, P., 2016. The production of pre-Colonial ceramics in northwestern Hispaniola: A technological study of Meillacoid and Chicoid ceramics from La Luperona and El Flaco, Dominican Republic. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 6, 376-85.

*Ting, C., Martinón-Torres, M., Graham, E., Helmke, C., 2015. The production and exchange of moulded-carved ceramics and the ‘Maya Collapse’. Journal of Archaeological Science 62, 15-26.

*Ting, C., 2015. Data from the production and exchange of moulded-carved ceramics and the ‘Maya Collapse’. Journal of Open Archaeological Data (e-journal).

*Ting, C., Graham, E., Martinón-Torres, M., 2014. Molding the ‘Collapse’: Technological characterisation of the Ahk’utu’ molded-carved vases from Altun Ha, in: Martinón-Torres, M. (ed.) Craft and Science: International Perspectives on Archaeological Ceramics. Doha, Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation, pp. 53-63.

*Ting, C., Helmke, C., 2013. Technology, production and distribution of Terminal Classic molded-carved vases in the central Maya lowlands. Open Journal of Archaeometry 1, 43-8.

Other Professional Activities

Executive board member and editor-in-chief of the bulletin of the Society for Archaeological Science (SAS)

Co-editor-in-chief of Journal of Open Archaeology Data


Job Titles

Senior Teaching Associate in Archaeological Science
Renfrew Fellow, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research

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Not available for consultancy
Research Expertise / Fields of study: 
Material Culture
Artefact Analysis & Technology

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Room 1.5, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, Downing Street
ct589 [at]
01223 (3)39332


Person keywords: 
archaeological science
ancient technologies
craft organisation
knowledge transfer
Archaeological Science
Science, Technology and Innovation
Material Culture
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Central Asia
Egypt and Sudan
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