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I am a Biological Anthropologist, passionate about data, 3D, primates and bones. I was born in a small coastal town in Central Italy (Formia) and moved to Rome to take an MSc in Ecobiology at University ‘Sapienza’. There I focused my attention on the ecology and evolution of humans and non-human primates. Afterwards, I moved to Liverpool, where I obtained a PhD in Physical and Biological Anthropology at John Moores University, investigating the role of ecological drivers, phylogenetic constraints and structural integration in driving the evolution of the hominin and primate mandible.

I am enthusiastic about Quantitative Methods and a huge R aficionado. I have worked with data in several contexts, from Ecology to Synchrotron Computerized Tomography, across Italy and the UK.


My research focuses on two complementary aspects of Biological Anthropology. On the theoretical side, I study the skeletal variability of humans and non-human primates, and its implications for human evolution. I am particularly interested in the evolution of the masticatory apparatus but I have published about other topics (e.g. locomotion). I address these topics using Geometric Morphometrics and image processing. On the methodological side, I develop novel approaches for the study of bone morphology in Virtual Anthropology.

Besides Biological Anthropology, I have occasionally published about other subjects (e.g. Ecology, Covid19, 3D imaging applications) in a consultant capacity.


Key publications: 
  • Veneziano, A., Alfieri, F., Towle, I., Profico, A., Veneziano, A. (2021). Fluctuating Asymmetry and Stress in Macaca fuscata: Does Captivity Affect Morphology? Applied Sciences, 11(17), 7879. DOI.
  • Veneziano, A., Cazenave, M., Alfieri, F., Panetta, D., Marchi, D. (2021). Novel strategies for the characterization of cancellous bone morphology: virtual isolation and analysis. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 175(4), 920-930. DOI.
  • Landi, F., Profico, A., Veneziano, A., De Groote, I., Manzi, G. (2020). Locomotion, posture, and the foramen magnum in primates: Reliability of indices and insights into hominin bipedalism. American Journal of Primatology, 82(9), e23170. DOI.
  • Veneziano, A., Irish, J.D., Meloro, C., Stringer, C., De Groote, I. (2019). The functional significance of dental and mandibular reduction in Homo: A catarrhine perspective. American Journal of Primatology, 81(3), e22953. DOI.
  • Raia, P., Boggioni, M., Carotenuto, F., Castiglione, S., Di Febbraro, M., Di Vincenzo, F., Melchionna, M., Mondanaro, A., Papini, A., Profico, A., Serio, C., Veneziano, A., Vero, V.A., Rook, L., Meloro, C., Manzi, G. (2018). Unexpectedly rapid evolution of mandibular shape in hominins. Scientific Reports, 8(1), 1-8. DOI.
  • Veneziano, A., Meloro, C., Irish, J.D., Stringer, C., Profico, A., De Groote, I. (2018). Neuromandibular integration in humans and chimpanzees: Implications for dental and mandibular reduction in Homo. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 167(1), 84-96. DOI.
Other publications: 
  • Profico, A., Buzi, C., Castiglione, S., Melchionna, M., Piras P., Veneziano, A., Raia, P. (2021). Arothron: An R package for geometric morphometric methods and virtual anthropology applications. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 176(1), 144-151. DOI.
  • Towle, I., Loch, C., Irish, J.D., Veneziano, A., Ito, T. (2021). Chipping and wear patterns in extant primate and fossil hominin molars: 'Functional' cusps are associated with extensive wear but low levels of fracture. Journal of Human Evolution, 151, 102923. DOI.
  • Profico, A., Buzi, C., Melchionna, M., Veneziano, A., Raia, P. (2020). Endomaker, a new algorithm for fully automatic extraction of cranial endocasts and the calculation of their volumes. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 172(3), 511-515. DOI.
  • Matos, J., Paparo, F., Mori, M., Veneziano, A., Sartini, M., Cristina, M.L., Rollandi, G.A. (2020). Contamination inside CT gantry in the SARS-CoV-2 era. European Radiology Experimental, 4(1), 1-4. DOI.
  • Matos, J., Paparo, F., Mussetto, I., Bacigalupo, L., Veneziano, A., Perugin Bernardi, S, Biscaldi, E., Melani, E., Antonucci, G., Cremonesi, P., Lattuada, M., Pilotto, A., Pontali, E. Rollandi, G.A. (2020). Evaluation of novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19) using quantitative lung CT and clinical data: prediction of short-term outcome. European Radiology Experimental, 4(1), 1-10. DOI.
  • Fincham, J. I., Veneziano, A., Ellis, J. R. (2020). The influence of natural and anthropogenic factors on demersal fauna in the western English Channel and Celtic Sea. Journal of Sea Research, 165, 101956. DOI.
  • Bozzini, B., Mele, C., Veneziano, A., Sodini, N., Lanzafame, G., Taurino, A., Mancini, L. (2020). Morphological evolution of Zn-sponge electrodes monitored by in situ X-ray computed microtomography. ACS Applied Energy Materials, 3(5), 4931-4940. DOI.
  • Profico, A., Piras, P., Buzi, C., Del Bove, A., Melchionna, M., Senczuk, G., Varano, V., Veneziano, A., Raia, P., Manzi, G. (2019). Seeing the wood through the trees. Combining shape information from different landmark configurations. Hystrix, 157-165. DOI.
  • Giacomini, G., Scaravelli, D., Herrel, A., Veneziano, A., Russo, D., Brown, R. P., Meloro, C. (2019). 3D photogrammetry of bat skulls: perspectives for macro-evolutionary analyses. Evolutionary Biology, 46(3), 249-259. DOI.
  • Profico, A., Buzi, C., Davis, C., Melchionna, M., Veneziano, A., Raia, P., Manzi, G. (2019). A new tool for digital alignment in virtual anthropology. The Anatomical Record, 302(7), 1104-1115. DOI.
  • Veneziano, A., Landi, F., Profico, A. (2018). Surface smoothing, decimation, and their effects on 3D biological specimens. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 166(2), 473-480. DOI.
  • Profico, A., Schlager, S., Valoriani, V., Buzi, C., Melchionna, M., Veneziano, A., Raia, P., Moggi-Cecchi, J., Manzi, G. (2018). Reproducing the internal and external anatomy of fossil bones: Two new automatic digital tools. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 166(4), 979-986. DOI.
  • Profico, A., Piras, P., Buzi, C., Di Vincenzo, F., Lattarini, F., Melchionna, M., Veneziano, A., Raia, P., Manzi, G. (2017). The evolution of cranial base and face in Cercopithecoidea and Hominoidea: Modularity and morphological integration. American Journal of Primatology, 79(12), e22721. DOI.
  • Profico, A., Veneziano, A., Lanteri, A., Piras, P., Sansalone, G., Manzi, G. (2016). Tuning Geometric Morphometrics: an R tool to reduce information loss caused by surface smoothing. Methods in Ecology and Evolution, 7(10), 1195-1200. DOI.
  • Iurino, D.A., Profico, A., Cherin, M., Veneziano, A., Costeur, L., Sardella, R. (2015). A lynx natural brain endocast from Ingarano (Southern Italy; Late Pleistocene): Taphonomic, Morphometric and Phylogenetic approaches. Hystrix, 26(2). DOI.


Book chapters

  • Veneziano, A., Profico, A. (2019). Three-Dimensional visualisation of skeletal cavities. In Rea, P.M. (Ed.) Biomedical Visualisation, Volume 4, 73-83. Springer, Cham. DOI.

Teaching and Supervisions


My teaching focuses on Quantitative Methods for Archaeologists, Anthropologists and Biologists, in particular through the use of R coding.

At Cambridge, I will be teaching A11/B5 From Data to Interpretation.

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Senior Teaching Associate

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Human Evolution

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Primates, Skeletal morphology, Human Evolution, Quantitative Methods, Virtual Anthropology
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Other Late Prehistory
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