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I was a senior leader in a secondary school with a focus on classroom practice and student welfare and a career teacher of history until 2019 when I decided to train as an osteologist. I have an MSc in Landscape Archaeology (2017) and an MSc in Forensic Anthropology and Bioarchaeology (2021). My dissertation focussed on the extent of interpersonal violence in the Anglo-Saxon period using osteology reports and a collection from Cambridge city museum service. 


My main research interests are Anthropology and Bioarchaeology. My particular interest is in skeletal evidence of trauma. In particular, I am interested in Intimate Partner Violence against women in the early Medieval period in England. I am looking at skeletal evidence for Intimate Partner Violence from Anglo-Saxon cemetery collections and assessing the extent to which women were likely to have been subjected to violence by their partners. I am using recent data on IPV from hospital trauma units to identify likely areas for fractures and modern studies on the causes of IPV.

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Key publications: 

Moated Manors in Northamptonshire (Northamptonshire Archaeology 2019). 

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PhD Student in Archaeology

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