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Department of Archaeology


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Investigating the changing social landscape of the southern Danish island of Als from the Neolithic to the Viking period.
Excavation in the cemetery area of the ancient Latin town of Crustumerium, Rome.
This project regards the application and development of novel techniques of landscape archaeology in central Tyrrhenian, Italy.
Excavations and survey work at the ancient town of Nepi carried out during the early 1990s under the umbrella of the Tiber valley project of the British School at Rome .
Changing Paleoenvironments and Hunter-Gatherer Strategies in the Northern Adriatic Basin.
A study of the Roman pottery of the Nepi Survey Project in 2007.
A series of inter-related projects are enhancing knowledge of the South (east) Etruria area north of Rome.
Excavations at the Brough of Deerness, an enigmatic Viking Age site in Orkney.
Researching how and where broomcorn millet was first domesticated and why it appears on opposite sides of Asia at a similar time, 8,000 years ago.
Investigating unsolved problems of the fourth and third millennium BC in Malta.
Bioarchaeological analysis of early cold-climate human ecology.
Visual Perception and Cognition in the Rock Carvings of Northern Russia.