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Rock Art of the White Sea



The Rock Art of the White Sea is an international collaborative project initiated in 2008 and is led and directed by Dr Liliana Janik (University of Cambridge) and Dr Nadezhda Lubanova (Karelian Branch of Russian Academy of Sciences).

White Sea rock art was created during the Neolithic and the Early Bronze Age (c. 6000 – 4000 BP). The aim of this project is to record, analyse and interpret the art of prehistoric fisher-gatherer-hunters in Southeastern Scandinavia, in particular from a number of locations in the estuary of the Vyg River. The project has led to the creation of preservation by record archives of 14 sites of White Sea rock art, and has also investigated heritage aspects of rock art preservation in post-Soviet Russia.


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Copper/Bronze Age
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Museum Studies
Art and Iconography
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Heritage Management
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