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Department of Archaeology



Strand Product involves:

a. Identification of function and quality in archaeological textiles: 

  • location and position of textiles in burials to ascertain their use; 
  • comparison between such finds to identify specific pan-Mediterranean traits can be identified (e.g. the use of tablet-woven borders as status indicators).

b. Identification of function and fashion in iconographic sources: 

  • collection of iconographic data; 
  • typological analysis of images, but with set criteria and systematic approach, permitting differentiation between garment types and patterns; 
  • these will be investigated across the different regions and time periods in order to identify the trends and fashions that operated on local, regional and supra-regional scales and if (and how) textiles were used as indicators of identity. 

c. Assessment of utilitarian textile use based on iconography and shipwrecks: 

  • analysis of depictions of wall hangings, bed and table cloths and other utilitarian textiles; 
  • estimation of the quantity of sails based on Early Iron Age shipwrecks and contemporary sail ship depictions. 

d. Estimation of the amount of time taken to produce different textiles by size and quality: 

  • time expended on production of specific textile types will be calculated based on experimental data.