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April 5th, 2018, 11th Annual ICAANE Meeting, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

Communicating with the divine through commemorative objects in 3rd millennium BCE Mesopotamia

Jakob Andersson and Christina Tsouparopoulou


June 15th, 2018, University of London Institute of Classics

Further and Further into the Woods: Lessons from the Crossroads of Cuneiform Studies, Landscape Archaeology, and Spatial Humanities Research

Rune Rattenborg


July 17th, 2018, University of Innsbruck

A Clay Tablet, a Spreadsheet, and a Spy Satellite Walk Into a Bar: Building Data Sets for Large-Scale Statistical Analysis from Administrative Cuneiform Texts

Rune Rattenborg


November 15th, 2018, Uppsala Unversity, UpGIS

Mapping Cuneiform Texts: 3,000 Years of History in GIS

Rune Rattenborg


February 23rd, 2018, BANEA Annual Meeting, University of Liverpool

The Material Manifestations of Merchant Identity in Early Mesopotamian Dedicatory Practice

Nancy Highcock


Februrary 26th, 2019, Ancient and Medieval Middle East Seminar Series, University of Helsinki

Religious Aspects of Mercantile Identities in 3rd and 2nd millennia Mesopotamia and Anatolia

Nancy Highcock


March 14, 2019, Second Crews Conference: Exploring the Social and Cultural Contexts of Historic Writing Systems, University of Cambridge

The Afterlives of Inscribed Commemorative Objects: the transformation of personal memory in Mesopotamian temple contexts

Nancy Highcock