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The Loughcrew Project

Understanding the landscape of Loughcrew through airborne LIDAR survey and digital spatial analysis.

Colin Shell and Corinne Roughley (University of Cambridge)

Elizabeth Shee-Twohig (University College, Cork)

Gill Swanton (Kynet Consultancy)



Loughcrew is famous for the neolithic passage tombs located on the Slieve na Callaigh hills in Co. Meath. The surrounding landscape is rich in prehistoric archaeology (Shee Twohig 2001). The project's aim was to record the visible archaeological features of a 5 x 6 km area around the hills using airborne lidar. To date, over 160 Km of features which are of archaeological interest have been identified. Visualisation and spatial analysis are then used to situate the passage graves within their wider landscape context.



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© 2004 Corinne Roughley and Colin Shell