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Department of Archaeology


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Cultural Heritage of Dictatorship in Albania.
This project takes as its focus the 1937 aerial bombardment of Gernika as a political and artistic event rooted in—and in ongoing dialogue with—colonial violence in the Middle East & North Africa. It connects the 1920s aerial bombardment of civilians in colonial Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, and...
The last decades have witnessed marked achievements of STEM in understanding the remains of humans, animals, and plants from the past by analyzing different materials, both inorganic and organic. These developments have opened-up the great potential for increasing our understanding of cultural...
The excavation of a WWII forced labour camp in order to explore the daily life of internment under German occupation.
Recording, analysing and interpreting the art of prehistoric fisher-gatherer-hunters in Southeastern Scandinavia.
This five-year project funded by the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance seeks to write European heritage guidelines for Holocaust and Roma genocide sites in order to safeguard them for the future.