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Department of Archaeology


NEMO-ADAP Project Workshop I - New research on the Middle and Upper Palaeolithic of the Middle Dniestr, Ukraine



This workshop is organised by Larissa Kulakovska (Museum of Archaeology, Institute of Archaeology, National Academy of Sciences, Kiev) and Philip R. Nigst (Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge & Department of Human Evolution, Max-Planck-Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, Leipzig) 


Kiev, Museum of Archaeology

23 March 2015



(A PDF of the programme is available to download here)


11.00–11.10 Larissa Kulakovska - Introduction and welcome

11.10–11.20 Philip R. Nigst - The NEMO-ADAP Project: Research questions, approaches/methodology and case study areas

11.20–11.50 Paul Haesaerts and Stephane Pirson - Chronostratigraphy and palaeoenvironment

11.50–12.10 Natasha Gerasimenko and Tamara Liashyk - Reconstruction of the vegetation at Neporotovo 7 based on pollen data


12.10–12.40 Break


12.40–13.00 Larissa Kulakovska and Philip R. Nigst - The site Neporotovo 7

13.00–13.20 Vitaly Usik - Lithic technology of archaeological horizon 3 of Neporotovo 7 in the context of the Mousterian of Molodova

13.20–13.40 Larissa Kulakovska - Palaeolithic sites around Neporotovo 7 


Workshop funded by a FP7 Marie Curie Career Integration Grant






NEMO-ADAP Workshop I in the exhibition hall of later prehistory of the Museum of Archaeology.


Larissa Kulakovska welcoming participants.


Philip R Nigst introducing the NEMO-ADAP Project research questions, goals, approaches and methodologies.


Larissa Koulakovska presenting on the site Neporotovo 7 and surrounding archaeological localities.


Paul Haesaerts summarising the stratigraphy, palaeoenvironment and chronostratigraphy of the Middle Dniestr valley.


Natasha Gerasimenko presenting first results of the palynological studies at Neporotov 7.


Vitaly Usik presenting the lithic technology of the two main archaeological horizons at Neporotovo 7.




All photographs ©NEMO-ADAP Project unless otherwise stated.

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