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Department of Archaeology


*The viewer is no longer functional, we are working to secure funding for a web GIS to share our results*


Kent Cropmarks Viewer (prototype)

Use this Google Earth app (you may need to download the plug-in and/or click 'trust') to view Project aerial photograph expert Chris Blair-Myers' up-to-date digitisation of crop marks, excavations, and geophysical surveys.

This page should be viewed as a test as the Kent Cropmarks Viewer is in development and as such will be subject to change. The digitised features visible in the app are a draft copy pending work on known projection and data conversion issues.

If the viewer does not load on this page, please click here.

To date, Chris has digitised several collections of aerial photos from two 10x10km squares in east Kent. The GIS database from which this visual output derives records interpretative, qualitative, quantitative, and resource data and also links the features to records in the Kent Historic Environment Record online database. This viewer, however, does not.

Any images saved or exported from this viewer are copyright of Google and Chris Blair-Myers.

Any questions should be directed to Chris Blair-Myers at: