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Buckbee Project

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Crops, Pollinators and People


‘Crops, Pollinators and People’ (nicknamed 'Buckbee') is a multidisclipinary project funded by the Leverhulme Trust, investigating the interrelations between crop plants, insect pollinators, and human management in prehistory. It studies the expansion and evolution of buckwheat across Eurasia in relation to honeybee populations and their management.

The Buckbee project is based at the Department of Archaeology, University of Cambridge, in collaboration with the School of Chemistry, University of Bristol.


Meet the Team 

Professor Martin Jones (Principal Investigator)

Professor Richard Evershed (Co-Investigator)

Dr Enrico Crema (Co-Investigator) 

Dr Harriet Hunt (Research Associate)

Marta Krzyzanska (PhD student)

Sophie Brown (PhD student)