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Department of Archaeology


Fieldwork: 2006 and 2007 seasons

                               Excavations in a structure at Borgatta


In 2006, after four field seasons, the excavations were completed. A total of 23 'patio groups' or household compounds were completely or partially excavated, and a detailed GIS site plan has been completed. Other areas of the site, including midden heaps and the plaza, were also sampled. Currently, the archaeological remains are being analyzed in the laboratory in Argentina where all excavated materials are permanently curated. Further laboratory analysis is planned for 2008.

Quantitative analyses will facilitate comparisons among excavated patio groups to assess variation in wealth or social status. Similarly, the analysis will contribute a fuller picture of diet, as well as helping to identify social, ritual, and political activities taking place across the site. It seems likely that, despite the large size of Borgatta, socio-political hierarchy was relatively limited. In the absence of elites and material displays of status, 'bottom-up' household-based activities such as mortuary rituals appear to have been integral to fostering solidarity and cohesion within the community.


                              A maize grinding stone and a bowl, found in situ



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