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PhD Theses

  • Motta L. 2011 The Seeds of the Roman State
  • Pryor A. 2011 Humans and the Dansgaard-Oeschger cycles in northern Europe 50,000-20,000ya
  • Motuzaite Matuzeviciute G. 2010 An archaeobotanical approach to the earliest apperance of domesticated plant species in Ukraine
  • Lightfoot E. 2009 Bioarchaeological analysis of archaeological populations from Croatia: A comparison of isotopic and archaeological results
  • Liu X. 2009 Food Webs, Subsistence and Changing Culture: the development of early farming communities in the Chifeng region, North China
  • Ballantyne R. 2008 Charred plant remains as minute artefactual debris: Lifestyles and economy upon the Roman fen-edge, Cambridgeshire
  • Margaritis E.G. 2006 Olive and vine farming in Hellenistic Pieria : an archaeobotanical study of settlements from Macedonia, Greece
  • Beresford-Jones, D.G. 2005 Pre-Hispanic Prosopis-Human Relationships on the South Coast of Peru: Riparian Forests in the Context of Environmental and Cultural Trajectories of the Lower Ica Valley Accessible on-line
  • Martin, S.W.J. 2005 Earmarked: Maize, Materiality and Agricultural Frontiers in the Lower Great Lakes Region of North America
  • Savard,M. 2004 Epipalaeolithic to early Neolithic subsistence strategies in the northern Fertile Crescent: the archaeobotanical remains from Hallan Çemi, Demirköy, M'lefaat and Qermez Dere
  • Clarke, M.C. 2002 Anglo-Saxon manuscript pigments: a contribution to the archaeology of the book
  • Hosoya, L.A. 2002 Sacred Commoness: An archaeobotanical view to the social complexity in prehistoric Japan
  • Paz, V.J. 2001 Archaeobotany and Cultural Transformation: Patterns of Early Plant Utilisation in Northern Wallacea
  • Fuller, D.Q 2000 The Emergence of Agricultural Societies in South India: Botanical and Archaeological Perspectives
  • Madella, M. 2000 Morphological analysis of phytoliths: a botanical tool for the interpretation of archaeological and geological sediments from Eurasia
  • Bower, M.A. 1998 Critical path to the characterisation of agriculture through the pollen of cereals
  • Janik, L. 1997 Diversity and choice: A re-appraisal of social and ecological changes amongst the mid-Holocene fisher-gatherer-hunters of the southeastern Baltic Sea region
  • Stevens, C.J. 1997 Iron Age and Roman Agriculture in the Upper Thames Valley: Archaeobotanical and Social Perspectives
  • Samuel, D.J. 1994 An archaeological study of baking and bread in New Kingdom Egypt


MPhil Thesis

  • Coutu, A.N. 2007 The charred plant remains from medieval deposits at Bamburgh Castle, Northumberland : a pilot study on the West Ward and St. Oswald's Gate.
  • Friedman, L. 2007 An isotopic investigation of the human remains from the late Roman cemetery at Babraham, Cambridgeshire.
  • Pryor, A. 2007 An investigation of the potential of oxygen isotopes in animal teeth to reconstruct palaeoclimates in the European Upper Palaeolithic : a case study from the Dordogne, France.
  • Steele, M. 2007 The role of plant resources in the Gravettian Upper Palaeolithic of Moravia : an exploration of possible plant consumption at Dolni Vestonice II.
  • Mobley, C.O. 2006 The Mammoth Steppe in Eastern Beringia : paleoenvironmental reconstruction and stable isotope analysis of mammoth samples from Eastern Alaska.
  • Motuzaite Matuzeviciute, G. 2006 Reconstruction of the changing archaeological environment through the application of soil analysis methods : a case study of a submerged Bronze - early Iron Age lake dwelling site in eastern Lithuania.
  • Paine, C. 2005 Mesolithic subsistence at Pupicina Cave, Croatia : stable isotope analysis of the human and animal remains.
  • Serpa, K. 2002 Harappan plant economy in the Ravi River Valley, Punjab, Pakistan.
  • Slean, G.R. 2002 Identifying changes in the Palaeoenvironment from the Late Horizon to the Colonial Period in the Andes : an examination of the Lucre Basin.
  • Beresford-Jones, D. 2000 Putting the tree back into the landscape : towards reconstructing the pre-Hispanic Prosopis forests of the Peruvian south coast.
  • Fletcher, W. 2000 Late Quaternary Woodland Vegetation of the Vela Draga Canyon, Croatia.
  • Paz, V.J. 1997 Tubers in their cultural and taphonomic context : a contribution to the archaeology of Adansemanso.
  • Fuller, D.Q 1996 The emergence of agricultural economies in India : a reconsideration of the bio-archaeological evidence.
  • Perry, D. 1994 Plant exploitation in the Mesolithic : an example from the northern Netherlands.
  • Hosoya, A. 1993 The relationship between archaeobotanical data and its interpretation: In the context of St.Radegund.
  • Russell, A. 1992 An examination of edible plant species available to early Mesolithic communities in Britain.


Undergraduate Dissertations

  • Doshi, N. 2007 Inside and outside the roundhouse : spatial analysis of charred plant remains from the lower Great Ouse valley.
  • Johnson, K.D. 2007 Looking for contrasts : a pilot study of the Upper Palaeolithic plant remains from Predmostí, Czech Republic.
  • Nash, S. 2007 Does collagen from different tissues within an individual have the same isotopic values? : implications for archaeological, ecological and forensic studies.
  • Roberts, K.E. 2001 A consideration of changes in weed flora over time at West Fen Road, Ely.
  • Fletcher, W. 1999 Charcoal analysis of the Mesolithic and Neolithic levels of Pupicina Pec, Croatia : environmental and cultural interpretations.