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Membership is open to all researchers (and students) interested in material culture.  If you are interested in becoming a member please fill out and sign this form.  Please note the primary rules and regulations for laboratory use.  These include:

1.  Participation in laboratory events - including presentation of work.

2.  Taking responsibility for access to the laboratory - we have both laboratory and private resources in the laboratory and access is for lab members.  Do not let unknown people into the laboratory (except for open events) and insure doors are locked if you are the last one in the laboratory.

3.  Collegial attitude - we ask members to respect other members and users of the laboratory.  We also ask that members understand that lab space and usage is limited and that desk-sharing, sharing of central spaces and that sanctioned events/usages  may take precedence over individual use.

Desk space is limited and allocated by the laboratory manager.  The protocol is to assess need.  Whilst we like to provide desk space to PhD students (preference being given to 3rd years and those 'writing up'), we also are home to several Post-doctoral researchers and we try to allocate evenly.  Desk-sharing is an often-used method in the lab to provide researchers space.  There is an open central table where any member of the lab can come and work - either on a regular basis or for a one-off need.

We encourage all interested individuals to talk to our lab manager.  The lab ethos is of collaboration and community - we want members to participate!