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Philosophy of Historical Sciences and Archaeology Workshop: Approaches to Material Culture

This is a collaborative workshop with the Philosophy of Historical Sciences Reading Group and is scheduled for the 29th of May, 12-2pm.

Building from the success of the Philosophy of Historical Sciences reading group, this workshop is structured around a vignette presented by a member of the reading group.  There is commentary and critique from various different positions to highlight how different disciplines approach material culture from slightly different perspectives.

 Vignette:  The Value of Speculation: A Second Look at Female Viking Warriors, by Rune Nyrup (Leverhulme Centre for the Future of Intelligence), with comments from Adrian Currie ( Centre for the Study of Existential Risk), and Alexandra Ion (McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research).

If you are interested in attending and/or participating with a vignette of your own (please be prepared to share aspects of your vignette ahead of time), contact Dr. Sheila Kohring (sek34) in the Material Culture Laboratory.