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Guest Lecture Series

Academic year 2017-2018

30 October 2017  Professor Annelou Van Gijn (University of Leiden)

Title:  An experimental approach towards understanding the chaîne opératoire of house construction

12 February 2018. Dr. Paolo Fortis (Durham University)

Title:  ‘The aesthetics of “time-reckoning”: some reflections on a Guna chromatic history


Academic year 2016-2017

3rd November 2016:  Professor John Robb and Dr. Elizabeth DeMarrais (University of Cambridge)

Title:  Thoughts on conceptualising art

22nd November 2016:  Professor Nick Thomas (Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology)

Title: Pacific Presences: activating collections in European museums

6th February 2017:  Dr. Spike Bucklow (Hamilton Kerr Institute)

Title:  To affect or not to affect? Westminster circa 1260

28th February 2017:  Dr. Oliver Harris (University of Leicester)

Title:  Affect, assemblage and archaeology

24th April 2017: Dr. Richard Lesure (Anthropology Department, UCLA, USA)

Title: Early Modeled Ceramic Imagery of the Soconusco Region (Mexico) and the Origins of Mesoamerican Art

25th April 2017:  Dr. Richard Lesure (Anthropology Department, UCLA, USA)

Title: Seminar: early modelled ceramic imagery and the origins of Mesoamerican Art:  further thoughts

8th May 2017:  Dr. Darryl Wilkinson (McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge)

Title: The material culture of anarchism: anti-state communities in the Late Prehistoric Andes