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Lunchtime Laboratory Seminars

The labs lunchtime seminars are informal talks by lab members or members of the wider community to introduce ideas and current work. These are usually short and focused on particular material aspects and interpretations the presenter is thinking through at the moment. As such, the lunchtime seminars are our open forum for members to work through ideas and get feedback from other members in a positive venue. All talks are at 1pm in the Material Culture Laboratory. Bring along your lunch!


 16 February 2018

Dr. Chris Wingfield (Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology)

Title:  Re-Collecting the Missionary Road: Assembling an international, inter-disciplinary, and potentially post-colonial research project, 2017-2024.

1pm in the Material Culture Laboratory



20 October 2017

Dr. Elisa Guerra Doce (Visiting Member)

Title: A Give and take with the Gods: Brine-processing in prehistoric Central Iberia

1pm in the Material Culture Laboratory


17 November 2017

Mark Haughton

Title: Moving beyond statistics in investigating social dynamics through burial data:  a case study from Early Bronze Age Scotland

1pm in the Material Culture Laboratory


1 December 2017

Dr. Kristin Armstrong Oma (University of Stavanger, Norway)

Title:  Encounters with animals

1pm in the Material Culture Laboratory