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Glyn Daniel

Glyn Edmund Daniel (1914-1986)
Disney Professor of Archaeology
University of Cambridge

Our laboratory is named after Glyn Daniel, the well known archaeologist, writer and broadcaster. He was the Disney Professor of Archaeology, University of Cambridge from 1974 to 1981.

After attaining a BA, 1st Class Hons with Distinction (1935), Glyn Daniel earned his Ph.D. in 1938 and became a Fellow of St John's College, Cambridge (1938-86). He worked as an Intelligence Officer for the RAF during the Second World War (1940-45), aiding in the interpretation of aerial photographs, eventually being placed in charge of Photo Interpretation for India and SE Asia (1942-5).

Glyn Daniel is perhaps best known for his role as editor of Ancient Peoples and Places (1955-86) and of Antiquity (1958-86). He also made frequent appearances on the television and won TV Personality of the Year (1955). He spent a number of years as Director of Anglia Television Ltd (1959-81), but still found time to write many books, including a guide book, The Hungry Archaeologist in France (1963), and a detective novel, The Cambridge Murders (1945).

His better known publications include:

The Megalithic Builders of Western Europe (1958)
The Idea of Prehistory (1961)
The Origins and Growth of Archaeology (1967)
The First Civilisations (1968)