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Laboratory Facilities

We have the facilities in-house to prepare a wide variety of samples for isotopic analysis. We analyse human, plant and animal samples, both archaeological and modern.


Sample types analysedDG Labwork 2

  • Collagen (bone, dentine, skin etc)
  • Tooth enamel carbonate and phosphate
  • Shell carbonate
  • Plant organics
  • Hair, feather and whisker keratin and other soft tissues
  • Blood, serum and plasma
  • Faecal and urine samples
  • Water


Preparation equipment

Freeze-driers, centrifuges, drilling equipment, extraction hoods, oven, hot block.

Strontium sample preparation is carried out in the clean room facilities in the Department of Earth Sciences.


Analytical equipment

All isotopic analyses are carried out via collaboration with the Godwin Laboratory, Department of Earth Sciences. We routinely analyse isotopes of carbon, nitrogen, oxygen and strontium, and can also measure hydrogen and sulphur.

Mass spectrometers:

  • Costech EA coupled to a Finnigan Delta-V isotope ratio monitoring mass spectrometer
  • VG PRISM Mass Spectrometer with Multiprep System
  • VG SIRA Mass Spectrometer with Multicarb System
  • Thermal Ionisation Mass Spectrometer