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MPhil in Archaeology

MPhil in Archaeology

This course provides training in research and analytical skills, a critical appreciation of archaeology, the human past, and its place in the modern world, as well as expertise in a chosen, specialist region or area. Students can specialise in any one of the following options:

Within this broad structure, the Department offers students great flexibility in combining modules; students may explore (for example), a region and a method, or choose a heritage emphasis. Students take a combination of one-term, two-term and year-long modules in a combination specific to their chosen option. The combination must total the equivalent of three year-long modules. Students choosing Archaeology of the Americas, Archaeology of Egypt, European Archaeology, Medieval Archaeology, Mesopotamian Archaeology, Palaeolithic and Mesolithic Archaeology, or South Asian Archaeology usually take

  1. the Core Archaeology course
  2. the appropriate area option course(s), and
  3. any other module(s) offered by the Department of Archaeology (with the approval of the supervisor and MPhil coordinator).

The Archaeological Science option requires different combinations; see the web page for this course option for further information.

All MPhil students take a Research Skills Module and write a dissertation.

Students unsure of their interests may apply at first for the MPhil in Archaeology (course option not initially specified), but will be expected to specify one of the option choices above by the second week of their first term. Please contact the MPhil Coordinator (through the Graduate Secretary) for further advice on option choices in advance of application.