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Department of Archaeology


Congratulations to Enrico Crema and Dacia Viejo Rose on their recently announced promotions.

As detailed in the Cambridge University Reporter on 24 June, a Senior Lectureship has been established for Dr Enrico Crema and Dr Dacia Viejo Rose with effect from 1 October 2020.

Dr Enrico Crema is Lecturer in Computational Analysis of Long-Term Human Cultural and Biological Dynamics. His research interest focuses on the use and development of computational and quantitative methods, in particular the use of agent-based simulations and spatial statistics. Dr Crema applies these techniques to a variety of research themes, including the study of long-term changes in settlement patterns, the reconstruction of prehistoric population dynamics, and the statistical inference of cultural transmission modes using archaeological data. He is a member of the editorial board of Japanese Journal of Archaeology, Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports and Journal of Open Archaeology Data.

Dr Dacia Viejo Rose is Lecturer in Heritage and the Politics of the Past. Her research interests lie at the nexus between cultural heritage and the politics of the past. Currently, Dr Viejo Rose’s work focuses on violence - including dynamics threat, fear, anxiety, uncertainty, and risk. She is especially interested in how cultural heritage is used, and abused, during armed conflicts to divide, exclude, and intimidate. The motivation behind this line of questioning is to try and discover potential mechanisms for ‘disarming’ heritage so that it can be a tool for constructive dialogue, dignity, and respect. She is the Director of the Cambridge Heritage Research Centre, Director of Studies at Selwyn College, and a Member of the Advisory Panel of Spain NOW!.