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My BA was in Ancient History and Classical Archaeology at the University of Warwick, 2013-16, and my third-year dissertation focussed on conflicting literary and archaeological evidence for the identity of the Late Iron Age and Romano-British Iceni. The MPhil in Archaeology here at Cambridge, 2016-17, introduced me to the field of archaeological theory, especially material cultural approaches, and helped inform my dissertation on the use of brooches in Eastern England BCE100-200CE. Combining theoretical frameworks with large data-sets, I especially enjoyed charting the changing identities of the objects themselves through the archaeological record.

My interests in postcolonial perspectives in the ancient world and the intertwining of humans and objects continue in my PhD where I investigate social and cultural developments BCE100-100CE around the southern North Sea basin (modern Eastern England, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Northern France). In particular, I look at contextualised grave assemblages and the relationships between a site and the landscapes within which it sits.

I have dug on archaeological sites from my early teenage years, a practical engagement that has always been important to me and that has driven my interest in phenomenology and the relationship between language and object-use.


  • Late Iron Age and Roman North-western Europe
  • Material Cultural Studies
  • Mortuary Analysis
  • Landscape Archaeology


Key publications: 

Matthews Boehmer, T., (2018) ‘Coin mints and coin circulations: a debate about the meaning of ‘tribe’ in Late Iron Age Norfolk’, JAN 8

Teaching and Supervisions


I am involved in the teaching of the following courses:

  • A7 - World Archaeology
  • ARC07 - Landscapes
Research supervision: 

Other Professional Activities

  • Member of Fitzwilliam College

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PhD student in Archaeology

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Not available for consultancy
Research Expertise / Fields of study: 
Material Culture
Socio-Politics of the Past
Environmental Archaeology, Geoarchaeology, and Landscape studies

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Fitzwilliam College
Storeys Way


Material Culture
Rethinking Complexity
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Periods of interest: 
Classical - Roman
Iron Age