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Department of Archaeology



Professor Ravindra Nath Singh is co-investigator with Cameron Petrie on the TwoRains project and will be involved in most of the field research in India including excavations at Lohari Ragho II and Masudpur I. He has directed several field projects in India, including six sites jointly with Cameron Petrie as part of the Land, Water and Settlement project. His more general interest is in archaeological science, and the history of science and technology, particularly archaeometallurgy, glass technology and climatic studies.

Job Titles

Honorary Research Associate, McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
Professor in Archaeology in the Department of AIHC & Archaeology, Banaras Hindu University

General Info

Not available for consultancy

Contact Details

Department of AIHC & Archaeology, Banaras Hindu University
283/2, Mahamanapuri Colony
Varanasi-221 005