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After having completed my undergraduate studies, I worked in several Italian museums and schools. I also took part in archaeological excavations in Sicily and Tuscany. In 2014, I moved to Cambridge were I completed an MPhil in Assyriology.


My research focuses on Mesopotamian boundary stones (kudurrus), dating between 1200-600 BC. With a main interest on kudurrus iconography and symbolism, my research aims to understand their role within the Mesopotamian political, legal and social worlds and to explore the relationship between politics and religion in the period between the Kassite dynasty and the Neo-Assyrian empire.

I adopt a cognitive approach supported by a range of methods, involving visual comparisons, typology, textual and lexical analyses, 3-D reconstruction, which will lead to a better understanding of the relations of kudurrus with other monuments and the landscape in which they were placed.

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PhD Student in Archaeology

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Not available for consultancy

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Assyriology and Mesopotamian Archaeology
Geographical areas: 
Mesopotamia and the Near East