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Rebecca completed her MPhil degree in Archaeology at the University of Cambridge (2015). Her MPhil dissertation obtained distinction and explored the intergenerational transmission of food and foodways among women in the Afghan diaspora in London. Rebecca also hold an Honours Bachelor of Art’s degree in Anthropology from McGill University (2014). During the interim between her MPhil and PhD, she worked at the Museum of London.



  • Heritage and Climate Change
  • Indigenous Heritage
  • Food Heritage
  • Intangible heritage
  • Safeguarding cultural landscapes
  • Memory and Nostalgia
  • Diaspora Studies

Rebecca’s doctoral project explores how nations can collaborate to achieve more holistic heritage management policies that include safeguarding intangible, traditional and biodiversity-related knowledge to sustainably preserve cultural landscapes from the impacts of climate change.  She explores this through a comparative study of the Dehcho First Nations in the Northwest Territories, Canada, and the Aymara and Atacameño Peoples in northern Chile.



Key publications: 

[1] Meharry, E., Haboucha, R. and Comer, M. (eds.). 2017. On the Edge of the Anthropocene? Modern Climate Change and the Practice of Archaeology. Archaeological Review from Cambridge 32(2).


Other publications: 

[1] Meharry, E., Haboucha, R. and Comer, M. 2017. ‘Modern Climate Change and the Practice of Archaeology ARC Conference Review.’ Association for Environmental Archaeology Newsletter Nov: 4-5.

[2] Haboucha, R. 2017. The future of heritage as climates change: loss, adaptation and creativity edited by David C. Harvey and Jim Perry. The Archaeological Review from Cambridge 32(1): 131-134.


Teaching and Supervisions

Research supervision: 

Principle Supervisor: Prof Marie Louise Stig Sørensen

Second Supervisor: Dr Lila Janik


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PhD Student in Archaeology

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Not available for consultancy

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Department of Archaeology
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