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Department of Archaeology



- BA in Language and Culture (major: Cultural Studies), Chulalongkorn University

- MPhil in Assyriology, University of Cambridge



  • Political history of Ancient Mesopotamia in the 1st Millennium BCE
  • Ancient Mesopotamian disputation poems
  • Epistemology
  • Representation of the Ancient Near East in operas

In my PhD research, I combine the close reading analysis with archaeological data to uncover the royal ideology of Nebuchadnezzar II as depicted in his monumental inscriptions. I’m interested in the role of factual information included in each text and, primarily, how similar pieces of information were described in varying degrees of ‘descriptiveness’ across the corpus.

Apart from the political history of Ancient Mesopotamia in the 1st Millennium BCE, I’m also interested in the way the Ancient Mesopotamians perceived and interacted with their belief system. My MPhil dissertation analysed the debate between the two main characters in the Babylonian Theodicy and discussed the epistemological aspects of the struggle that they experienced.

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Member of Peterhouse College

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PhD student in Archaeology

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Not available for consultancy
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Assyriology and Mesopotamian Languages
Epigraphy & Paleography

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Peterhouse College


Assyriology and Mesopotamian Archaeology
Rethinking Complexity
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Mesopotamia and the Near East
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Iron Age