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Meghan Strong

Meghan Strong

PhD Student in Egyptology

Illuminating the path of darkness: social and sacred power of artificial light in Pharaonic Period Egypt

Research Interests

Egyptology, artificial lighting in the ancient Mediterranean and Near East, ritual and performance, ancient Egyptian religion, material culture, sensory archaeology, visual perception, ancient cultures' experience of darkness, archaeology of night

Research Supervision

Supervised by:

Dr Kate Spence


Visiting Scholar, Archaeology Department of Lycoming College, April 2016

Undergraduate supervisor 2015-2017


  • Egypt
  • Material Culture
  • Archaeology

Key Publications

Strong. Meghan E. 2018. A Great Secret of the West: Transformative Aspects of Artificial Light in Dynastic Egypt, in N. Gonlin & A. Nowell (ed.) Archaeology of the Night Life After Dark in the Ancient World:249-264. Boulder: University Press of Colorado. 

Strong, M. E. & A. Bednarski. 2016a. Living in the Shadow of the Beautiful West: Contested Space in Sheikh Abd al Qurna, in M.E. Strong (ed.) In the Trenches - Archaeological Review from Cambridge 31.1: 125-143. 


Other Publications

Edited Volumes
Strong, M. E. (ed.) 2016b. In the Trenches. Archaeological Review from Cambridge 31.1