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I am very interested in textile archaeology, gender archaeology, past identities, and prehistoric archaeology (focusing on European sites). I worked for a year in commercial archaeology, to develop my field skills and better understand the issues faced in British commercial archaeology.

I enjoy meeting new people and discussing research ideas and plans; I firmly believe it’s very important for researchers to get out of their bubble once in a while. I’m always interested in new experiences and excavations and I leap at the chance to get involved. I take pride in working hard and supporting my department whenever possible.



My research focuses on textile archaeology. This research has focused on the status of craftspeople and the craft itself within society, the importance of textile production, and the analysis of textile tools. It also concentrates on Britain and Western Europe and the Bronze Age and Iron Age periods. I am currently engaged in field projects focussing on analysing Iron Age textile tools from the counties along the south coast of England.

I am presently involved in the following research projects:

Oct 2016 - Aug 2019: Invisible Craft, Visible Tools: An investigation of textile tools in Iron Age Southern Britain

July 2017 - Sept 2017: Daub Project at Százhalombatta Excavation Project



Key publications: 

[1] Ferrero, L.J. 2014. An Experimental Comparison of Impressions Made From Replicated Neolithic Linen and Bronze Age Woollen Textiles on Pottery. EXARC Journal 4.


Other publications: 

[1] Ferrero, L.J. Forthcoming. Preliminary Daub Analysis. In: SAX, Százhalombatta Archaeological Expedition, Annual Report 3


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PhD student in Archaeology

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