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Department of Archaeology


Members of the George Pitt-Rivers Laboratory for Bioarchaeology

The George Pitt-Rivers Laboratory for Bio-Archaeology supports a range of research into early food, economic plants, and the environmental context of the food quest. Our core resources are our botanical reference collection and a suite of microscopes. These are mostly low power stereoscopes, with some higher power binocular.  We have a close relationship with the Multi-Imaging Centre (a few minutes walk away) for electron microscope use. The lab is also equipped for basic wet chemistry.

Our recent projects have included: palaeolithic plant foods, tree exploitation in arid zones, Greco-Roman agriculture, and Eurasian crop plant movement (see FOGLIP).  We favour multidisciplinary research, and archaeobotanists, isotope researchers and archaeogenetics work very closely together in the laboratory, and also work closely with culturally oriented archaeologists. Researchers at all stages of their career meet and exchange ideas on a regular basis, and there are many opportunities for presenting their work to colleagues.

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