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I'm interested in the relationship between urban forms and social/political structures in ancient Mesopotamia. My PhD research uses computational techniques to model patterns of movement and communication in early cities, and examines how those patterns fit with our understanding of the societies that produced them. 

I'm also the Field Director of the Crowded Desert Project, which investigates the transition from a nomadic to a settled way of life in Qatar.

I've been working in archaeology for over fifteen years, and have been involved with a wide range of projects in Iraq, Qatar, Oman, the UAE, Lebanon, Egypt, Cyprus, Turkey, Tanzania and Ghana. I also worked for a number of years as an archaeologist and consultant in the UK.


Key publications: 

Morabito, L., Carvajal Lopez, J., Rees, G., Roberts, K.,  Stremke, F., Carter, R., Fletcher, R., & Al-Naimi, F. (2016). From 'Tentscape' to Landscape: Archaeological and Cultural Approaches to the Identification of a Nomadic Landscape in the North-West of Qatar. Presented to the Landscape and Archaeology Conference, Uppsala.

Carvajal Lopez, J., Roberts, K., Rees, G., Stremke, F., Marsh, A., Morabito, L., Bevan, A., Altaweel, M., Harrison, R., Arroyo-Kalin, M., Carter, R., Fletcher, R., & Al-Naimi, F. (2016). A Crowded Desert: Early Results from Survey and Excavation of Nomadic Sites in North-West Qatar. Poster presented at the Seminar for Arabian Studies, London.

Carter, R., Sakal, F., Eddisford, D., Roberts, K,. Al Naimi, F. (2014) The Foundation and Growth of a Pearling Town: Archaeological Excavations in Central Doha. Presented to the Seminar for Arabian Studies, London.

Teaching and Supervisions


ARC3 - Intro to the cultures of Egypt & Mesopotamia

Research supervision: 

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Dr Augusta McMahon

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PhD Student in Archaeology

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Not available for consultancy


Assyriology and Mesopotamian Archaeology
Geographical areas: 
Mesopotamia and the Near East