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Department of Archaeology



BA in Archaeology and Classical Studies, University of Evansville, 2013

MPhil in Archaeological Research, University of Cambridge, 2014 (Dissertation: “Domestic space, its modification, and the emergence of social systems in the early centuries at Çatalhöyük”)



My PhD research focuses on the histories of Çatalhöyük (Konya, Turkey) houses in the early-mid 7th millennium BCE. Working with the site’s fine stratigraphy, I aim to trace the series of events and transformations at different timescales that produced domestic space and implicated it in the site’s social history.

  • Architecture and domestic space
  • Material culture theory
  • Temporality in material culture studies
  • Deposition and space-making
  • Interscalar and relational approaches in archaeology
  • Biographical approaches in archaeology
  • Domestication and the Neolithic transition


Key publications: 

2017. “A path toward reconciliation? Biographies, between scales, assemble history.” Paper delivered at the session, Histories for prehistory: narrative, scale and the particular, at TAG2017 Cardiff.

2017. “Pits in places: using anticipation to characterize deposition at Neolithic Çatalhöyük.” Paper delivered at the session, Futures of the past, at TAG2017 Cardiff

 2016. “The afterlife vitalities of bone and stone fragments at Neolithic Çatalhöyük.” Paper delivered at the session, Objects in motion, at TAG2016 Southampton.

 2016, with Laurence Ferland. “Substance worlds: engaging matter beyond things.” Paper delivered at the session, Mixed matter, at TAG2016 Southampton.

Teaching and Supervisions


I am involved in the teaching of the following courses:

 ARC07: Theory and Methods in Archaeology II



Research supervision: 

Principle Supervisor: Prof John Robb


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PhD Student in Archaeology

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