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J. Eva Meharry

J. Eva Meharry

PhD Candidate

Nationalism, Politics and the Practice of Archaeology in Afghanistan


Previous recipient of a Preservation Fellowship from the Global Heritage Fund, Research and Travel Fellowships from the American Institute of Afghanistan Studies at Boston University, Project Grants from the Hollings Center for International Dialogue, amongst others, to complete fieldwork in South Asia.

Subject groups/Research projects

Heritage Research Group:

Research Interests

Archaeology, Heritage and Nationalism

Archaeology, Heritage and Diplomacy

Archaeology and Cultural Heritage of South Asia and the Middle East

Climate Change Archaeology

Other Professional Activities

General Editor, Archaeological Review from Cambridge 

Key Publications

(2018) Spotlight On... Reconstructing the Bamiyan Buddhas. Cambridge Heritage Research Centre Website. 

(2017) Meharry, J.E., Haboucha, R. and Comer, M. (eds). On the Edge of the Anthropocene? Modern Climate Change and the Practice of Archaeology. Archaeological Review from Cambridge 32(2).

(2017) Akbar, S. and Meharry, J.E. (In Dari) Afghanistan's Cultural Heritage. Kabul, ABLE Books. (Publication for the Afghanistan Center at Kabul University's literacy programme ABLE Books).

(2017) 'Modern Climate Change and the Practice of Archaeology,' Official Conference Video, Archaeological Review from Cambridge, 7-8 April.

(2017) 'Ancient Marvels in Fabled Lands.' Jesuan News. Cambridge, Jesus College, p. 11.

(2016) Bartolini, F., Comer, M., Meharry, J.E., Zoh, M. 'The Heritage of Displacement: Forced Migration in the Mediterranean through History.' Journal of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology and Heritage Studies, Vol. 4 No. 4, pp. 377-81.

(2015) ‘Gertrude Bell: The Making of Iraq’s Antiquity Law and National Museum.' In: Jackson, M. & Parkin, A. (eds.) The Great Gertrude Bell. Newcastle, Tyne Bridge Publishing.

(2015) 'Social and Economic Impact of Tilaurakot, Nepal.' In: Coningham, R., Acharya, K. & Manuel, M. Strengthening the Conservation and Management of Lumbini, The Birthplace of the Lord Buddha, World Heritage Property (Phase II): Final Report of the Second Season of Field Activities. UNESCO and Durham University. 

(2014) 'Cultural Diplomacy with US Sends Crucial Message to Afghanistan's Young People.' Asia Society Blog.

(2013) 'The Museum of Kabul: A Revival.' Orientations Magazine.

(2012) 'In Kabul: A New National Museum for Afghanistan Starts to Take Shape.' Asia Society Blog.

(2012) Untold Stories/Kabul at Work, Afghanistan Culture Video Series:

'Who is the Museum Director?'

'Who is the Historian?'

'Who is the Cultural Attache?'

'Who is the Minister of Culture?'

'Who is the Conservation Architect?'

(2011) 'Afghanistan: Crossroads of the Ancient World Exhibition Review at British Museum.' College Art Association Reviews.

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