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Huiru Lian began her academic career at Zhejiang University, China where she took her Bachelor degree, and developed skills in use-wear analysis. She then undertook research about the rice charring at the Mojiaoshan Site at Liangzhu for her Master dissertation at University College London. Since October 2016 she has been studying for her PhD in the Division of Archaeology at the University of Cambridge.


  • Chinese Prehistory
  • Soil micromorphology and Associated Chemical and Physical Analysis
  • GIS
  • Complex society
  • Lianzhu Culture


Focusing on the Liangzhu City, China and its nearby landscape, Huiru’s PhD study will apply a series of geoarchaeological methods to investigate and model the long-term human-landscape relationship between Liangzhu city, its surrounding landscape and its hydraulic regime. This study will also contribute to the wider understanding of the complexity of Liangzhu society and the emergence of state society in East Asia.

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PhD student in Archaeology

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Available for consultancy
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Environmental Archaeology, Geoarchaeology, and Landscape studies

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Science, Technology and Innovation
Rethinking Complexity
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East Asia
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