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Dr Emmanuelle Honoré

Dr Emmanuelle Honoré

Newton International Fellow

Fellow of the Mc Donald Institute for Archaeological Research

Research Associate, St John’s College

McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
Downing Street

Cambridge CB2 3ER
Office Phone: +44 (0) 1223 769323

Research Interests

• The Archaeology of Africa

• Late Prehistory of North Africa

• Pleistocene-Holocene transition & Holocene optimum of the Sahara

• Human / nature relationship

• Rock Art

• Cognition, perception and representation

• ‘Ethnologie préhistorique’, palaeosociology


I am presently the Principal Investigator of the following research project:

Painting the Body: Cognition and representation of Self and the Other in North African Rock Art

2015-2017 - British Academy funded, grant code 75110

2017-2019 - European Commission funded, CRESO project




I am involved in the teaching of the following course:

Paper ARC 33 – The Archaeology of Africa



Other Professional Activities

Member of St John’s College

Member of the Research team “Ethnologie Préhistorique” (dir. Dr P. Bodu), UMR 7041 ArScAn, CNRS, France

-          Coordinator of the research thema “Productions symboliques des sociétés préhistoriques” with Dr E. Robert (MNHN, France), Dr C. Lucas (British Museum) and Dr S. Petrognani (CNRS, France);

-          Member of the research thema “Zones refuges sahariennes à l’Holocène” (dir. Dr S. Amblard-Pison & Dr A. Person)

Member of the Editorial Board of the peer-review journal Afrique: Archéologie & Arts

Peer-reviewer for Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports

Life member of the Society of Africanist Archaeologists (SAfA)

Member of the American Schools of Oriental Research (ASOR)



Key Publications

Honoré E., Rakza T., Senut B., Deruelle P., Pouydebat E. 2016. ‘First identification of non-human hand stencils at Wadi Sûra II (Egypt): a morphometric study for new insights into rock art symbolism’, Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports: 242-247. DOI: 10.1016/j.jasrep.2016.02.014

Gutierrez M., Honoré E. eds. (in prep.). L'art rupestre d'Afrique, Actes du Congrès International L'art rupestre d'Afrique (15-16-17 janvier 2014), Paris.

Honoré E. 2015. Pastoralists’ paintings of WG35, Gilf el-Kebir: Anchoring a moving herd in space and time, in E. Anati ed., Rock Art: When, Why, to Whom?, Atelier, Capo di Ponte: 92-96.



Other Publications

Honoré E., Lucas C., Petrognani S. & Robert E. 2015. ‘Ethnologie des territoires symboliques de la préhistoire’. Proceedings of the XIXth International Rock Art Conference IFRAO 2015. Arkeos: Perspectivas em dialogo 37: 345–346.

HONORE E. (2012) - “Peintures rupestres et cultures pastorales dans le Sahara Egyptien”, in C. Leduc, A. Salavert, T. Nicolas & T. Al Halabi (eds.), Les images : regards sur les sociétés, Archéo.Doct-3, Publications de la Sorbonne, Paris : 17-53. 

HONORÉ E. (2008) - “The shelter of headless bovines : a study of WG 35 (Gilf el Kebir, Egypt)”, in P. Koussoulis (ed.), Abstracts of papers, Xth International Congress of Egyptologists, International Association of Egyptologists & the University of the Aegean : 118-119.

HONORÉ E. (2007) - “Earliest Cylinder-Seal Glyptic in Egypt : From Greater Mesopotamia to Naqada”, in H. Hanna (ed.), Preprints of the International Conference on Heritage of Naqada and Qus Region, volume I : 31-45. 

HONORE E. (2004) - « La plus ancienne représentation de boviné sur un vase néolithique égyptien », Revue du GREPAL2 : 64-73.