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Dr. David G. Beresford-Jones

Dr. David  G. Beresford-Jones

Leverhulme Research Fellow

Fellow of the McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research

McDonald Institute for Archaeological Research
Downing Street

Research Interests

The foundations of complex society and the origins of agriculture;  human impacts on past ecosystems and landscapes; South American archaeology; archaeobotany (particularly charcoal), geomorphology (particularly of arid lands);  the synthesis of archaeology and other disciplines (particularly linguistics); the European Upper Palaeolithic;  Pre-Colombian textile and fabric technologies.

Key Publications

Beresford-Jones, D.G., A.G. Pullen, O.Q. Whaley, J. Moat, G. E. Chauca, L. Cadwallader, S. Arce, A. Orellana, C. Alarcón, M. Gorriti, P.K. Maita, F.C. Sturt, A. Dupeyron, O. Huaman, K.J. Lane and C.I. French (2015).  Re-evaluating the Resource Potential of Lomas Fog Oasis Environments for Preceramic Hunter-Gatherers under Past ENSO Modes on the South Coast of Peru. Quaternary Science Reviews 129: 196-215. 

Cadwallader, L., S. Arce, T. C. O'Connell and D. G. Beresford-Jones  (2015).  Dating the dead. New radiocarbon dates from the Lower Ica Valley, South Coast Peru. Radiocarbon 57 (5): 1-9.

Other Publications