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Department of Archaeology



2016— MA Distinction (Anthropology) University of Otago, New Zealand

2013— BA Hons (I) (Anthropology) University of Otago, New Zealand

2012— BA (Classical Studies and Anthropology) University of Otago, New Zealand


My PhD research examines how different Pleistocene and Holocene populations adapted to small rainforested islands on the equator. My fieldwork is taking place in the Raja Ampat islands at the boundary of Wallacea and New Guinea. Here, archaeological survey and excavation is revealing insights into long-term population histories of the Asia-Pacific region, including the dynamics of trade and exchange, subsistence behaviours, technological change, and migration.


Previously, I have worked in coastal and highland Papua New Guinea, and in New Zealand, with a focus on material culture studies and geochemical analysis.


Key publications: 



Gaffney, D. 2020. Materialising Ancestral Madang: Pottery Production and Subsistence Trading on the Northeast Coast of New Guinea. University of Otago Studies in Archaeology, 29. University of Otago: Dunedin, New Zealand. ISSN: 0110- 3709.

Open access book:


Journal articles

Gaffney, D. 2021. Pleistocene water crossings and adaptive flexibility within the Homo genus. Journal of Archaeological Research 29(2): 255-326

Roberts, P., Gaffney, D., Lee-Thorp, J., Summerhayes, G.R., 2017. Persistent tropical foraging in the highlands of terminal Pleistocene/Holocene New Guinea. Nature: Ecology and Evolution, 1 (0044).

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Gaffney, D., Ford, A., Summerhayes, G.R. 2015. Crossing the Pleistocene–Holocene transition in the New Guinea Highlands: Evidence from the lithic assemblage of Kiowa rockshelter. Journal of Anthropological Archaeology 39: 223-246.


Other publications: 


Gaffney, D., Summerhayes, G.R., Luu, S., Menzies, J., Douglass, K., Spitzer, M., Bulmer, S. 2021. Small game hunting in montane rainforests: specialised capture and broad spectrum foraging in the Late Pleistocene to Holocene New Guinea Highlands. Quaternary Science Reviews, 253: 106742. 

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Wu, P., Walter, R., Gaffney, D., Gong, Y., Palin, M,. Reid, M. 2020. Identifying nineteenth century Trans-Pacific production and trade: A geochemical and stylistic study of Chinese opium pipe bowls from southern New Zealand. Journal of Archaeological Science: Reports 31: 102362.

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Gaffney, D, Summerhayes, G.R., 2017. An Archaeology of Madang. University of Otago Working Papers in Anthropology, 5. Department of Anthropology and Archaeology, University of Otago: Dunedin, NZ. ISBN: 978-0-9922626-4-8.

Summerhayes, G.R., Field, J., Shaw, B., Gaffney, D. 2017. The archaeology of forest exploitation and change in the tropics during the Pleistocene: the case of Northern Sahul (Pleistocene New Guinea). Quaternary International, 448: 14-30.

Gaffney, D., Ford, A., Summerhayes, G.R. 2016. Sue Bulmer’s legacy in highland New Guinea: a reexamination of the Bulmer Collection and future directions. Archaeology in Oceania, 51 (1): 23-32.

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